The town of Beaune sits at the heart of the Côte d’Or. Long a hub for the local wine trade, it’s home to the biggest players in the region – the négociant houses – but the vineyards around the town, and their wines, are some of the region’s most under-rated.

The wines of Beaune

The town of Beaune is not just a hub for the trade but is home to many of the large négociants that long dominated the region – Bouchard, Joseph Drouhin, Louis Jadot, Albert Bichot and Louis Latour. As for the vineyards around it, they are some of Burgundy’s most under-rated, perhaps due to their suburban locale.

A surprising 75% of the vineyard area is classified as Premier Cru, arguably without justification. Pinot Noir leads the way here, producing wines that are often rich, fruit-forward, open and approachable.

Although there are no Grands Crus, there are some notable sites – including Drouhin’s Clos des Mouches (white), Grèves (within which lies Bouchard’s Vigne de l’Enfant Jésus) and Teurons (the latter both red). Beyond the aforementioned négociants, here you will also find a rising number of “micro-négoces” (including FINE+RARE favourite Charles Van Canneyt, Olivier Bernstein, Benjamin Leroux and Philippe Pacalet) as well as the likes of Remoissenet and Domaine de Bellene.

It’s also home to the Hospices de Beaune – a charitable organisation that uses the vineyards bequeathed to them to raise money (originally for the hospital, now also for local heritage preservation) via an auction of the latest vintage each November.

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