Meet the team

At the heart of FINE+RARE is a close-knit team of enthusiastic and knowledgeable wine and spirits lovers who take great pride in tracking down the finest bottles on the planet for our clients and customers. Say hello to some of our key players.

Senior Management

  • John Paton-edited

    John Paton

  • Don-St-Pierre-Jr-cropped
    Vice Chairman

    Don St. Pierre

  • Josh Aziz
    Group Finance Director

    Josh Aziz

  • Allan-Frischman
    Vice President, Global Client Reserves

    Allan Frischman

  • Sara Cairns
    Vice President, People + Operations

    Sara Cairns

  • Corentin Margier
    Buying + Partner Director

    Corentin Margier


  • Craig Norton
    Managing Director, UK + Ireland

    Craig Norton

  • Ken hui
    Head of Sales, Hong Kong

    Ken Hui

  • Nicolas Dujardin
    Regional Head of Sales, Continental Europe

    Nicolas Dujardin

  • Simon Brewster
    Senior Key Account Manager, UK

    Simon Brewster

  • Simon-Brass
    Senior Key Account Manager, UK

    Simon Brass

  • John Cummock
    Senior Key Account Manager, UK

    John Cummock

  • Yaron Einav
    Senior Key Account Manager, UK

    Yaron Einav

  • Meet the team - awaiting imagery
    Senior Account Manager, Asia

    Marco Vazquez

  • Jonathan Bruni
    Senior Account Manager, Continental Europe

    Jonathan Bruni

  • Francesco Tamma
    Senior Account Manager, Continental Europe

    Francesco Tamma

  • Enrico Potente
    Account Manager, Continental Europe

    Enrico Potente

Continental Europe

  • Alessandro Piantoni
    Head of Logistics + Operations

    Alessandro Piantoni

  • Annalisa Florian
    Head of Partnerships, Continental Europe

    Annalisa Florian

  • Irene Lorenzelli
    Logistics Specialist

    Irene Lorenzelli

Buying + Partnerships

  • Antoine Ninot
    Group Senior Buyer

    Antoine Ninot

  • Hector Howes
    Bordeaux Buyer

    Hector Howes

  • Sophie Thorpe
    Group Campaigns + Editorial Manager

    Sophie Thorpe

Partner Services

  • Daniel Hambleton-Wood
    Digital + Data Lead

    Daniel Hambleton-Wood

  • Calvin Webber
    Operations Service Manager

    Calvin Webber

  • Nick Upton
    Head of Warehouse operations, US

    Nick Upton

  • Michael Midlane (1)
    Product + Authentication Photographer

    Michael Midlane


  • Magda Riepler
    Vice President, Brand

    Magda Riepler

  • Holly Motion
    Global Brand Communications Manager

    Holly Motion

  • Sophie Marsh
    Customer Experience + Portfolio Lead

    Sophie Marsh

  • Samantha Carpenter
    Customer Experience Lead, Accounts Receivable

    Samantha Carpenter

  • Jeny Shing
    Customer Experience Executive

    Jeny Shing

  • Meet the team - awaiting imagery
    Senior UI/UX Designer

    Johnny Bedini

  • Johnnie Heffer
    Private Cellar Executive

    Johnnie Heffer


  • Guy McDermott
    Head of Finance, UK

    Guy McDermott

  • Jennifer Chan
    Technical Finance Manager, UK

    Jennifer Chan

  • Manveer Puaar
    Purchase Ledger Clerk, UK

    Manveer Puaar

  • Warren Josiah
    Finance Assistant, UK

    Warren Josiah


  • Tamás László Varga
    Head of Engineering

    Tamás László Varga

  • Meet the team - awaiting imagery
    Engineering Manager

    Levente Lázár

  • Zsolt Zsila – Lead SAP Developer
    Lead SAP Developer

    Zsolt Zsila

  • Meet the team - awaiting imagery
    Lead Developer

    Benjamin Papp

  • Bence
    Senior Web Developer

    Bence Györki

  • Balasz
    Senior Full Stack Developer

    Balazs Baumgartner

  • Meet the team - awaiting imagery
    Junior Frontend Engineer

    Milo Bedini

  • Kristof Molnar-Tatai
    Data Engineer

    Kristof Molnar-Tatai

  • Gábor Takács
    Senior Backend Developer

    Gábor Takács

  • Gabor Karcsu
    Infrastructure Engineer

    Gábor Karcsú

  • Zoltan Petrick
    Test Automation Engineer

    Zoltan Petrik

  • Dhatchayani Chitrambalam
    QA Engineer

    Dhatchayani Chitrambalam


  • Rick Bloy
    Warehouse Manager

    Rick Bloy

  • Carl Frisby
    Warehouse Team Leader

    Carl Frisby

  • Rhys Leworthy
    Warehouse Team Leader

    Rhys Leworthy

  • Ruth Keetch
    Stock Controller

    Ruth Keetch

  • Alfie Rosin
    Warehouse Operative

    Alfie Rosin

  • Thomas Ansell
    Warehouse Operative

    Thomas Ansell

  • Paul Logan
    Warehouse Operative

    Paul Logan

  • Ashton Higgins
    Warehouse Operative

    Ashton Higgins

  • Timonthy-Harrison
    Warehouse Operative

    Timothy Harrison

  • Dexter-Bardua
    Warehouse Operative

    Dexter Bardua

  • Fraser-Falconer
    Warehouse Operative

    Fraser Falconer