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Tradition and heritage in rum is everything. Certain practices and savoir-faire are closely guarded secrets that have been passed down through generations, making rum such a fascinating and varied category.

But there are plenty of people crossing categories, challenging tradition and producing exceptional liquids. From whisky-rum crossovers to rums finished in superlative Port barrels and bottlings from remarkable and sometimes overlooked regions, here you’ll find some of the most exciting styles from the vanguard.

0 Dictador 2 Masters Niepoort 1971,1974,1978,1980 (48%) Dictador    Colombia Rum

N.V. Dictador 2 Masters Niepoort 1971,1974,1978,1980 (48%)


flag Colombia

A stunning bottling from Dictador's 2 Masters series. Four vintage rum casks were sent to the legendary Port producer for a short finishing period. The resulting liquid opens with an abundance of hedgerow fruits, blackberries, raspberries and damson, all wrapped up in a nutmeg and cigar-box warmth. With time it gets earthier and richer; there’s a dustiness reminiscent of antique library books, too. On the palate there’s an immediate oaky complexity; deep walnut notes in with plum, fig and black cherry, enveloped in a lustrous coffee note, alongside elegant dark chocolate and a pleasing minerality. The finish is gently warming, with almond and nutmeg contributing a drying quality.


70cl-0 Immediate | 28 MarketplaceDuty Paid£680.00

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0 TBRC: Issan Rum (Thailand), Batch 1 (40%) Issan Rum   Thailand Rum

N.V. TBRC: Issan Rum (Thailand), Batch 1 (40%)

Issan Rum

flag Thailand

Surely a must-try for rum lovers: sugarcane is native to Thailand, so it’s no surprise the country makes some excellent rums. This Issan bottling is made with one variety of red sugarcane, harvested in 2014/15. The sugarcane was hand-peeled, crushed and then fermented for three days. Pot-distilled in 2015, the rum spent 35 months in stainless steel – preserving the purity of flavour – before being bottled in 2018. It is fresh, vibrant, and aromatic, the Issan nose opens with a riot of green notes: herbaceous rocket leaf, cut grass, and olives, complemented by suggestions of hedgerow fruits. The palate builds on this complexity, with vanilla and salted caramel developing the sweeter theme, while sweetcorn and asparagus evolve the vegetal narrative, all within a lively mouthfeel. A return to blackberry and raspberry, the finish showcases a more floral side to this incredibly complex rum.


50cl-0 Immediate | 19 MarketplaceDuty Paid£32.00

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0 Mount Gay XO The Peat Smoke Expression (57%) Mount Gay   Barbados Rum

N.V. Mount Gay XO The Peat Smoke Expression (57%)

Mount Gay

flag Barbados

A fascinating one for rum lovers to explore – when Barbados and Islay collide. Mount Gay XO is a blend of column and pot still rums (aged between eight and 15 years) that has been matured for a further six months on the Hebridean island. The nose opens with familiar dark chocolate, banana loaf, cinnamon and salted caramel notes, before the aromatic smoke note intertwines itself with the gentle estery funk. The theme continues on the palate, where the caramel-thick mouthfeel brings out an oily nuttiness and popcorn quality along with the smoke – while the glass terrifically accentuates the slight salinity in the smoke. It all rounds off with more tropical fruit – a fascinating drop that remains poised and balanced throughout.


70cl-0 Immediate | 120 MarketplaceDuty Paid£165.00

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0 Black Tot Finest Caribbean Black Tot   Jamaica Rum

N.V. Black Tot Finest Caribbean

Black Tot

flag Jamaica

Black Tot Finest Caribbean is a blend of rums from Barbados, Guyana, and Jamaica. The resulting liquid is leathery and tropical fruit forward. The nose opens with lashings of golden syrup and a pleasing earthiness that emerges from the banana and pineapple dominance. The palate is pleasingly round, with allspice and baked apple, plus coffee and dark chocolate, all building interest. The finish is all about the mocha notes, with darker clove and anise spices adding a drying edge.


70cl-5 Immediate | 54 Marketplace£27.00

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0 Eminente Reserva 7yo Rum (41.3%) Eminente   Cuba Rum

N.V. Eminente Reserva 7yo Rum (41.3%)


flag Cuba

A new rum from Cuba or “Isla del Cocodrilo” as it is known to the locals for its crocodile shape. This style of rum is the brainchild of the youngest ever Rum Master, César Martí. Eminente is a blend of aguardientes (eaux-de-vies) made from molasses which have then been aged in white oak barrels that once held whisky. The resulting liquid was then blended and aged again with a traditional light Cuban rum. An indulgent, dessert-like nose opens with powdery dark chocolate, fresh coffee beans and cigars, rounded out with fresh red cherries and dusty nutmeg. The palate is light and fresh, the levity of texture broadened by the honeysuckle floral, aromatic magnolia and mocha notes, plus a wisp of bonfire smoke. The finish is surprisingly long, with the florals giving way to a more perfumed element, which evolves back into that dark chocolate.


70cl-0 Immediate | 120 Marketplace£29.00

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