Ch. Pichon Baron

Pauillac’s Ch. Pichon Baron, formerly known as Ch. Pichon-Longueville Baron, is ranked as one of the 15 Second Growths from the 1855 Classification and is considered one of the "Super Seconds".

Ch. Pichon Baron

More about Ch. Pichon Baron

Pichon Baron and  Pichon Comtesse, its neighbour across the road, started life as the same Pauillac estate. Baron Joseph de Pichon Longueville split the property evenly amongst his five children. The two boys received what became Pichon Baron, while the daughters received what is now Pichon Comtesse. Interestingly, the wines of Pichon Baron have often been described as more masculine and Pichon Lalande as more feminine.


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