Vintage Port 2016

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“The 2016 Vintage Ports are exceptional, with tannins that are amongst the most refined ever… intensely fresh and pure” - Charles Symington, Symington Family Estates

After tasting through all of the declared 2016 Ports on a number of occasions this week, the F+R team are buzzing with excitement about their release. The hype has been building over the last few weeks and when we finally had the opportunity to taste the wines, we were not disappointed. There are many reasons why the 2016s are so good, in large part because each of the wines is so distinct in its personality. Each wine represents a truly unique expression of the vintage.

Not since 2011 have so many Port houses declared a vintage year. The good news is that the 2016s have been defined by their “purity and refinement” and the universal declaration indicates high quality across the board. The bad news is that production levels are down. For the Symington Family Estates Port houses - including Dow’s, Graham’s and Warre’s - production is one fifth below the last declared vintage in 2011, due to rigorous selection in the tasting room. Equally Taylor’s are warning below-average yields could dramatically tighten supplies.

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What has been released?

Whilst there has been an almost universal declaration of the vintage, the large Port houses do not release all at the same time. We are expecting releases from Friday 18th May onwards and anticipate that all the houses will release in the next two to three week period.

As soon as the wines are released they will be updated at the end of this offer page, below. Taylor’s, Croft and Fonseca are available now.

How do they taste?

As the ‘Lafite of Port’, Taylor’s is fantastically seductive. The tannins melt in the mouth, already incredibly integrated, with no volatility, wonderful purity and pristine fruit. Graham’s is more wild with great aromatics, spiciness, a wine that builds on the palate and has a great long finish. Dow’s is an absolute blockbuster: full-throttle, so much intensity from an incredible level of acidity but all well controlled. The Quinta do Noval is perhaps the most contained and focused with a very complex array of flavours on the palate.

Then you have the single-vineyard ‘quinta’ releases, such as ‘The Stone Terraces’ from Graham’s, Naçional from Quinta do Noval and the Capella da Quinta do Vesuvio. All are only made in the very best vintages and produced in tiny quantities. We can attest that they were tasting absolutely sensational.