FINE+RARE X Frapin World Exclusive

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In collaboration with the 13th century Cognac house, I am delighted to offer a FINE+RARE x Frapin WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Cognac Frapin, Chai Paradis, Serie #1.


Under the guidance of Cellar Master Patrice Piveteau, samples were drawn direct from cask in the search for something extraordinary to bottle exclusively for F+R customers. Our final selection is described by Patrice as "the most stunning example of ultra-aged Cognac from our Paradis cellar".


During a summer visit to Frapin’s 240 hectare estate in the heart of Cognac’s finest cru, Grande Champagne, F+R was given unprecedented access to one of the oldest cellars in the region – Pierre Frapin, Chai Paradis.


Access to the Paradis is unprecedented for good reason. It is reserved for the oldest, most precious liquid, cherished so that it can elevate the most luxurious releases with a depth and complexity only age can attribute. What Patrice finds unique about this cask is "it just works perfectly on its own, and was worth isolating, for the very first time" - a testament to the special quality and decision to create a world-first for both F+R and Frapin.


With one of the richest and longest histories in distilling, the cobwebbed, dark and humid Paradis cellar at Frapin, transports you back in time. The cask this ultra-aged Cognac is drawn from is over a century old, and the Cognac itself a minimum of 60 years old.


Due to the unquestionable quality, provenance and the endorsement of this selection as one of Frapin’s finest, the decision to bottle was easy. FINE+RARE have exclusively bottled 30 x 70cl bottles: Serie #1. At a natural cask strength of 43.2% and with no other additions, this is one of the finest Cognacs money can buy and as close to tasting straight from the cask as you can get.



Cognac Frapin, Chai Paradis, Serie #1

43.2% ABV


Colour: Gorgeous bright orange colour with copper and mahogany highlights.


Nose: Exceptional aromatic richness. At the beginning, we can notice candied fruits (apricot, fig, plum). Then during the airing, liquorice appears with cocoa, the whole evolving towards wooden cigar boxes and tobacco notes. This is typical of a very old Grande Champagne cognac distilled over lees and aged for several generations.


Palate: Very precise attack, in agreement with the nose. Rare complexity, elegance, finesse. We can find again liquorice notes and woody notes. The ‘Rancio’ flavour is well developed (tobacco, wooden cigar boxes) and the finish is exceptionally long.

0 Frapin, Chai Paradis, F+R Exclusive, Serie#1, 43.2% Cognac 0 Frapin, Chai Paradis, F+R Exclusive, Serie#1, 43.2% Cognac