Clemens Busch Pundericher Marienburg Riesling Grosses Gewachse 2015

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The incredible procession of releases from Germany 2015 continues with the high point to price ratio Pundericher Marienburg Riesling Großes Gewächse 2015 from Clemens Busch. And we have now added three new high-scoring offers to the mix...


Jancis Robinson has described this year in Germany as the glorious 2015 vintage, which makes the Clemens Busch wines particularly intriguing as she has highlighted him as a VDP over-achiever in 2015. Her colleague and German wine expert Michael Schmidt concurs, calling Clemens Busch a vintner extraordinaire.


These Clemens Busch 2015 Großes Gewächse (GG - “great growth” or “Grand Cru”), organically grown on the slopes of Pündericher Marienberg in Mosel, have clearly impressed Michael Schmidt, Mosel Fine Wines and most recently Wine Advocate, who said: "There have been many great 2015s produced at Clemens Busch". The scores put them right up there with the likes of Keller and Dönnhoff.


At a tasting of 2015 Großes Gewächse in Berlin last year, German wine expert and Wine Berserkers contributor Martin Zwick singled out Clemens Busch Fahrlay GG 2015, describing it asbest ever and scoring it between 95-98 points. At the end of the tasting he concluded: “Bottom-line, simply mind-blowing vintage and some of the best-ever produced GGs at the estates.”


In a vintage like this all Clemens Busch's wines are worthy of serious consideration. Click here to view all Clemens Busch 2015 wines.

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