Arbikie Highland Estate

A Unique Opportunity to Own a Founders Cask From a New Highland Distillery


This is a rare chance to be a founding part of something very special, the first whisky to be made by Arbikie Distillery. We are delighted to present the prospect of becoming part of their story by investing in a ‘Founders Cask’, one of just 300 to be filled by this Highland Single Malt Whisky producer with a tremendous future.


We have partnered with Arbikie to bring this rarely available and tremendously exciting opportunity: for £10,000 you can own one of these 300 Founders Casks - with a buy-back guarantee.  


The romance alone makes for a compelling story, but for the more hard-headed out there looking for an interesting alternative investment opportunity, here’s the clincher: the distillery will buy your barrel back in eight years for the price you paid, should you wish to cash out.


This is that rarest of investment opportunities as, at eight years, other than the cost of setting aside your capital, it really is all potential up-side and no down.



The Arbikie Estate - What Makes it So Special


Their dedication to “terroir” is key to Arbikie’s appeal. This phrase, normally used in the context of fine wine to denote the perfect combination of soil, climate and topography, is perfect to describe Arbikie’s unique approach. Made in a place where whisky was first distilled back in 1794, all of Arbikie's ingredients are sourced from the surroundings of the family farm. From water to barley, everything can be found at just a stone's throw from the Arbikie distillery - bringing the fine wine concept of 'terroir' to the whisky world for the first time.


The distillery's location is ideal for producing premium malt whisky; the North Sea dominates to the east while the hills to the west naturally filter water into a lagoon under the estate. In the hands of the Stirling family, who have cultivated the land with care over generations and know it inside-out, this stunning natural setting gives Arbikie's whisky a field-to-bottle authenticity common to the world's greatest fine wines. The Stirlings are passionate about working with the land they love to produce whisky of the highest quality  


The Founder’s Casks - Bourbon or Sherry, The Choice is Yours


As all of the barley is estate farmed, production will always be limited. Only 300 casks will be filled and we have exclusive access to 150 of them in the form of seventy-five 200 litre ex-bourbon casks (yielding an estimated 233 bottles (70cl) at 10 years at cask strength) and seventy-five 250 litre ex-sherry casks (yielding an estimated 282 bottles (70cl) at 10 years at cask strength).


Which to buy? It may be a matter of taste: the bourbon casks traditionally used for Highland Malts will leave a lighter, more delicate style, while the ex-sherry will be heavier, richer and more opulent.


Which will be more valuable in the years to come? Again it’s too early to say as the whisky has years of development ahead. Again, the best answer is to buy the one you personally enjoy more or, even better, buy one of each.


What You Get As The Owner of a Founders Cask


As well as your individually numbered cask, included in the price are all costs for in bond storage, bottling, labelling and insurance. You will also be personally invited to the family distillery for the 3rd birthday celebration when you will have the opportunity to nose and sample from your cask. From then you’ll be able to taste as it matures and with the help of the experts at Arbikie who’ll help you to choose when the time is just right to have your whisky bottled.


The Investment Opportunity


The luxury whisky investment market is booming and while it’s impossible to say what the return might be once these casks reach 12, 14 or 18 years, the signals are strong that a significant return is on the cards. What we do know is that genuinely rare and unrepeatable whiskies are what the market wants, and founders Casks like this from a tiny distillery perfectly fit the mould. By definition they cannot be made again; there simply cannot be any more Founder’s Casks once these are sold. They will be in high demand as a collectable and finite supply, and this means the potential for a return in the long-term.


The Safety Net


Arbikie are so confident in the quality of the product - and the prices it will fetch - that after eight years they’ll buy back the your cask for exactly the same amount you originally paid. In fact, they’ll be biting your arm off to have it as, if all goes to plan, £10,000 for one of the Founder’s Casks will be an absolute bargain.


Your investment is protected by this promise, a guarantee that your original stake is fully refundable after eight years. Our guess is, you won’t be taking them up on it.


Whisky Magazine


After tasting the new-make spirit, Whisky Magazine published the following glowing tasting note:


"Ripe apples, bananas, almonds and digestive biscuits on the soft, pleasing nose. Full-bodied on the palate, smooth and lacking ferocity, even at 63.5% ABV. Very fruity, with nutty spice and none of the metallic notes often found in new-make. This could be quite a dram in 2029."


What to do Now


If you’re interested in the Arbikie story and would like to speak with us about this opportunity then we are only too happy to help. We have recently returned from a visit to the distillery to see the operation first hand and gain a personal insight into the quality of the whole process. Were were deeply impressed and would be delighted to discuss the Arbikie story and this unique opportunity with you.