Our extensive contacts and active database of international private collectors and trade buyers offers the largest and single most effective channel to market available anywhere for the resale of diverse private wine reserves and investment portfolios. We successfully market esoteric collections alongside blue chip investment portfolios and welcome individual bottle collections as well as full cases, either under bond or duty paid.

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FINE+RARE takes pride in maintaining the highest standards of integrity and transparency when we work with our customers. When you approach us about potentially selling your wines, we will act as your trusted advisor:


  • We will send you a ‘no obligation’ valuation of your portfolio up front, clearly showing real-time market values, our trading percentage and your net return should you decide to sell through us.
  • We will warn you of any potential costs involved in putting these wines on sale, e.g. transfer costs to move your wines to our warehouse.
  • We will advise you on which wines are likely to sell through our marketplace and suggest alternative sales channels for any wines that we feel are unsuited.
  • We will always act as impartial advisors in relation to purchases or sales of fine wine.
  • We will never place any pressure on you to buy or sell any specific wine.





For any prospective sale, it is important that we ascertain that the wine is in good condition. We therefore, may require:

  • Photographs of the wine including condition of labels, capsules and ullage (fill) levels.
  • Details of where the wine is and has been stored and its provenance, e.g. history of purchase and ownership.
  • Personal identification (for fraud prevention purposes).
  • Proof of ownership, e.g. merchant’s invoice, warehouse receipt, etc. We will then send you a market valuation of your wines.


We are completely transparent about our trading margin in this valuation – margins can vary by format and the type of wine. For a full list of margins, please download our terms and conditions. If your wine is not currently in storage with FINE+RARE, we will arrange for it to be transferred to a storage account in your name in our climate-controlled chamber at London City Bond in Tilbury, Essex. There it will be formally condition-checked and added to our live marketplace for customers around the world to purchase through our website and through our team of account managers. As we trade within a dynamic market, the price may rise or fall during the period it is on sale - you have the option to set a minimum price that you are willing to accept (known as a ‘floor’). If the wine’s net value falls below this floor, it will be taken off sale. Please note that you will start to incur storage charges for wine at our standard storage rates while not on sale.


When a buyer has been found for your wine, you will be sent a sales report at the end of that calendar month. Payment will be made to you on the 20th of the month following sale.





Please email our Reserves Team or call +44 (0)20 7089 7408.


For our valuation and resale terms and conditions, please click here.