Marcel Deiss

Jean-Michel Deiss, the revolutionary Alsace winemaker of Domaine Marcel Deiss, has single-handedly redefined the concept of terroir in Alsace by moving away from the post-war trend of single variety grands crus and replanting almost all his vineyards with multiple varieties - sometimes with up to a dozen different grape varieties. This approach coupled with biodynamic farming is, in Deiss' view, the best way to express the individual characteristics of his vineyards. David Schildknecht at the Wine Advocate is a firm believer, here is his view:Jean-Michel Deiss has been growing some of the finest wines in Alsace for more than a quarter of a century and with them has captured the imagination and affection of wine enthusiasts worldwide.”



2005 Altenberg de Bergheim Deiss; Marcel Alsace

2005 Altenberg de Bergheim Alsace


2001 Burg Deiss; Marcel Alsace

2001 Burg Alsace

DP £30.00

2012 Gewurztraminer Vendange Tardive Deiss; Marcel Alsace

2012 Gewurztraminer Vendange Tardive Alsace


2005 Schoenenbourg Deiss; Marcel Alsace

2005 Schoenenbourg Alsace


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