2010 Leoville Poyferre Leoville Poyferre Bordeaux St Julien France Still wine

2010 Leoville Poyferre

Leoville Poyferre

94Average Score
flagBordeaux / France

61CS 30M 6PV 3CF Tasted twice, once at the chateau and once at the Union des Grands Crus. Both samples were lacking freshness and were brutally tannic, showing a pruny, porty character. If these samples are representative of the finished wine then we would have serious doubts over the ability of the wine to age well. We are big fans of Leoville Poyferre and proprietor Didier Cuvelier so are prepared to reserve judgement until we have the opportunity to taste it again.


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6x75cl-0 Immediate | 29 Marketplace£745.00
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