1992 Leoville Las Cases Leoville Las Cases Bordeaux St Julien France Still wine

1992 Leoville Las Cases

Leoville Las Cases

90Average Score
flagBordeaux / France

This tasting consisted of each of the varietal components of Las Cases, followed by the final blend for Leoville-Las Cases. The final wine is measurably better than any of its components. The soft Merlot exhibits a smoky, vegetal note, medium body, and a round, straightforward finish. The Cabernet Franc displays aromatic complexity, elegance, and good ripeness, as well as a tart style. The medium-bodied, closed, structured, firm Cabernet Sauvignon reveals bitterness and hardness in the finish. Although good, it is not special. The opaque-colored Petit Verdot possesses a high tannin level, more concentration and intensity than the Cabernet Sauvignon, and an astringent finish. Oct 1995, www.robertparker.com

Robert Parker    Score: 89-90/100

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