2020 Extra Virgin Olive Oil Dal Forno Romano Northern Italy  Italy Olive Oil

2020 Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Dal Forno Romano

flagNorthern Italy / Italy

The olives come from trees aged between 50 and 200 years old. They are harvested at exactly the moment they begin to change from green to black and are pressed within eight hours to avoid oxidation. As with all the Dal Forno wines, bottling takes place under inert gas (nitrogen) to preserve the flavour of the final product. Hand-crafted with the utmost attention to detail, the result is an extra virgin olive oil of unparalleled quality. The nose is reminiscent of a freshly cut meadow -– distinctly grassy, with lifted, floral notes of chamomile and daisy. The palate is exceptionally clean, with white pepper and a spicy rocket kick at the back of the throat, and a slightly nutty finish. This is smooth, luscious olive oil of exceptional purity.

FINE+RARE  (March 2021)    Drink 2021-2022

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