2019 Capreolus - 1,000 Trees Apple Eau-De-Vie (43%) Capreolus England  United Kingdom Other spirit

2019 Capreolus - 1,000 Trees Apple Eau-De-Vie (43%)


flagEngland / United Kingdom

The apples for this eau de vie were harvested within 11 miles from self-taught distiller Barney Wilczak’s Gloucestershire distillery, Capreolus. Once harvested and pressed, the apples are slowly fermented with wild yeast before the spirit undergoes a double distillation in a small, copper pot still. After the first distillation, Wilczak – quite unusually – elects to discard, rather than recycle, the heads and tails believing this produces a final liquid of the highest standard, despite significantly reducing the yield.


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