1993 Canon Canon Bordeaux St Emilion France Still wine

1993 Canon


85Average Score
flagBordeaux / France

The Fournier family that has run Canon for decades sold the property in 1996 to Chanel, purchasers of the famed Margaux estate, Rauzan-Segla, several years ago. Needless to say, this estate's disappointing efforts over recent years should be reversed. The cellars are being renovated, and with the installation of the capable team of John Kolasa and David Orr, this estate should rebound quickly. In addition to unpleasant severe, tough tannin, a moldy, wet dog/musty cardboard bouquet is present in this clipped, unattractive wine. Avoid. Feb 1997, www.robertparker.com

Robert Parker

6xMags-0 Immediate | 3 Marketplace£840.00
Bts-0 Immediate | 5 Marketplace£73.00
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