0 Cambridge Watenshi Gin (45%) Cambridge Distillery England  United Kingdom Gin

N.V. Cambridge Watenshi Gin (45%)

Cambridge Distillery

flagEngland / United Kingdom

Master Distiller William Lowe MW has found a way to capture and bottle the spirit normally lost to evaporation, affectionately known as the “angel’s share”. It’s a painstaking process – each bottle of Watenshi, which is made from the spirit normally lost when making his Japanese gin, takes 50 distillations to produce. With a mere 15ml stolen from the angels every still run, Cambridge Distillery only produces six bottles per batch. Watenshi, which translates as “Japanese angel”, is unlike any other spirit. Each bottle is hand-blown and finished with silver.


70cl-0 Immediate | 4 Marketplace£2,075.00
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