2006 Bonnes Mares

Clair; Bruno

93Average Score
flagBurgundy / France

Clair's 2006 Bonnes Mares 2006 represents the first vintage for his family's newly-recovered share at the northern edge of this great site, consisting of one parcel planted shortly after the Second World War, and another planted in the 1980s. (This year, there are six barrels worth.) Bear in mind that the vines have not been worked meticulously the way he will work them, cautions Clair, but nonetheless this is impressive. Bright fresh red raspberry backed by the fruit's distilled essence, along with pungent, medicinal herbal concentrate inform a bright aromatic and palate display. While it lacks the richness or interplay of this year's Clair Clos de Beze or Clos St.-Jacques, it boasts refined tannins and impressive persistence. I would plan to wait several years before revisiting it, and count on enjoying within 10-12 years. Dec 2009, www.robertparker.com

David Schildknecht    Score: 93/100

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