Two Paddocks

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Two Paddocks: The Importance

Nestled in Central Otago, Two Paddocks has fast become the go-to destination for superbly crafted single vineyard Pinot Noir. The wines have won a number of scores in the high nineties and have been called “formidable” by New Zealand wine expert Sam Kim.


Two Paddocks is the personal project of Sam Neill. An acclaimed actor who has starred in films such as The Piano and Jurassic Park, Sam is also a committed wine-lover with an innate talent for winemaking. He founded Two Paddocks with a few acres of Pinot Noir in Gibbston in 1993, and has since expanded the holdings to include four distinct vineyards.


Sam is passionate about the quality of his terroir and the role it plays in producing beautifully refined, understated Pinot Noirs that stand out from the Central Otago crowd. He has previously commented: “We are slightly quieter wines. Lots of Central Otago wines go “wow” – ours are kind of “come and get us””.


Two Paddocks: The Insight

While the Two Paddocks story started with their straight Pinot Noir, the real interest in this estate comes from their outstanding single vineyard wines. Two Paddocks’ portfolio consists of a number of carefully-collected sites from across Central Otago, each producing wines bursting with individual character. The single vineyard range consists of The Last Chance (from Earnscleugh/Alexandra), The Fusilier (from Bannockburn) and The First Paddock (from Gibbston). These cuvées have all been well-received by the critics, with Sam Kim commenting after one tasting that Two Paddocks “proves that Pinot Noir does not have to be big to be impressive” and calling them “exquisite” and “quite stunning” wines.


In Sam Neill’s own words: “In some exceptional vintages, listening carefully, we realize that one [of our vineyards] may have something extraordinary to say in its own right. It is only then that we will make one of these very rare single-vineyard wines."


Two Paddocks also make some white wines, including a delicious Riesling. They are committed to organic principles, believing in a natural and healthy environment for their vines and soil, saying that it benefits their staff and their drinkers. They describe their commitment to organic growing as an ongoing process, and from the 2017 vintage onwards they will operate fully under the BioGro programme.


Two Paddocks: The Background

Sam Neill was born in Northern Ireland to New Zealander and English parents, before moving back to New Zealand with his family at the age of eight. Growing up in New Zealand gave him a life-long passion for wine, and it was from this love that Two Paddocks was born in 1993. The estate began with a planting of just 5 acres in a small site at Gibbston, Central Otago, which has since been supplemented by sites in Earnscleugh/Alexandra and Bannockburn.



2016 Last Chance Pinot Noir Two Paddocks Otago

2016 Last Chance Pinot Noir Otago


2014 The Fusilier Pinot Noir Two Paddocks Otago


2014 The Fusilier Pinot Noir Otago


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