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Jerez, Xeres or Sherry wine is made in the south west of Spain around three towns: Jerez de la Frontera, Puerto de Santa Maria and Sanlúcar de Barrameda. The main grapes used to produce sherry are Palomino Fino, Pedro Ximénez and Moscatel de Alejandria. Styles range from the very dry to the very sweet, and some outstanding wines can be found here. A FINE+RARE favourite are the wines from Equipo Navazos.

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Spain, Jerez



1927 Pedro Ximenez Alvear Jerez

1927 Pedro Ximenez Alvear


N.V. La Bota de Manzanilla No 42 Navazos; Equipo Jerez

N.V. La Bota de Manzanilla No 42 Navazos; Equipo


N.V. Reliquia Pedro Ximenez Jerez


N.V. Reliquia Pedro Ximenez


N.V. Reliquia Palo Cortado Jerez

N.V. Reliquia Palo Cortado


N.V. Reliquia Amontillado Jerez

N.V. Reliquia Amontillado


N.V. Amontillado Jerez

N.V. Amontillado


N.V. Fernando de Castilla Antique Oloroso Jerez

N.V. Fernando de Castilla Antique Oloroso


N.V. Amontillado Pastrana Jerez

N.V. Amontillado Pastrana


N.V. Moscatel Toneles Jerez

N.V. Moscatel Toneles

Duty Paid £172.00

N.V. Fino Jerez

N.V. Fino

Duty Paid £127.00

1860 Privilegio Palo Cortado Jerez

1860 Privilegio Palo Cortado


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