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Experience The Dalmore: F+R Visits the Historic Highland Distillery
F+R’s George Koutsakis was one of just eight guests invited to visit Dalmore’s refurbished distillery to witness the launch of a one-of-a-kind 60 Year Old bottling to commemorate the distillery’s 180th anniversary. Alongside Macallan, Dalmore is leading the luxury end of the Scotch whisky revival, with its top designated aged whiskies now reaching astronomical prices. We explore this historic distillery following its refurbishment ...
BY George Koutsakis,
ON February 19, 2020
Macallan Whisky - Producer Portrait
Macallan is one of Scotland's most popular whisky distilleries and its rare aged bottlings have become some of the world’s most collected and expensive whiskies on the planet. Founded back in 1824 it has been a stalwart of Highland Whisky ever since. More recently it has been at the forefront of the Scottish whisky revival and its 1926 release hit the headlines all over ...
BY George Koutsakis,
ON February 13, 2020
Whisky Watch - Will The New Yamazaki 55YO Surpass The Legendary 50-Year-Old?
Last week the release of the Yamazaki 55-year-old made global headlines and shook the whisky industry. Set to be released in June 2020, the new bottle by Suntory's most famous distillery will retail for US$27,500, excluding tax. We look at how the 100 bottles are to be distributed in Japan and the potential knock-on effect this release will have on other Yamazaki releases and ...
BY George Koutsakis,
ON February 5, 2020
The Japanese Whisky Shortage Grows: Taketsuru Range Discontinued
Japanese whisky shortages have made the headlines once again and these days, it no longer comes as a shock to see another iconic Japanese whisky discontinued. Over the past twenty years a fanatic, ever-growing fan base has risen around Japanese whisky. While the category deserves nothing less, this increased popularity continues to deplete the remaining stock from Japan's largest and most popular producers. ...
BY George Koutsakis,
ON January 16, 2020
The WhistlePig Custom Cask Program
F+R's Head of Spirits David Walters made his second visit this summer to the WhistlePig Distillery in Vermont to hand select some of their finest single casks for the F+R Custom Cask Program. The distillery is leading the global Rye whiskey revival and after selling out of our first exclusive 15YO cask earlier this year, we couldn’t wait to return ...
BY David Walters,
ON October 31, 2019
Bloomsbury Atelier CUBANA
Introducing Bloomsbury Atelier CUBANA - the first in a series of geographical spirits from the Creative House of the Bloomsbury Distillery. This unique distillery searches for experiences across the globe, combining beautiful flavours and their geographies to create incredible spirits that resist definition. Distilling the spirit of a journey This inaugural Bloomsbury Atelier spirit, CUBANA, is number one in a ...
ON May 17, 2019
F+R Visits Speyside's Glenfarclas Distillery
F+R found themselves in the remote glens of Speyside last week visiting one of Scotland's finest whisky distilleries - Glenfarclas. Glenfarclas remains one of the few family-owned distilleries in Scotland in which all the whisky is produced and aged on site. It is a real family affair with three generations, as well as the production team, all living at the ...
ON March 8, 2019
A Whistle-Stop Tour of WhistlePig
There has never been a more exciting time in the world of whisky. With the explosion in global demand over the last 5-10 years, the craft distillery scene is booming and with it comes experimentation and innovation. This experimentation has led to what is billed as the "Rye revival". Sales are booming in the US where many believe Rye is regaining ...
ON January 10, 2019
Kavalan: Taiwan's First Whisky Distillery
Last month our globe-trotting Head of Spirits, David Walters, travelled to Taiwan to visit Kavalan Whisky Distillery. A seemingly unlikely location for one of the world's most-awarded whisky producers, Kavalan now receives over one million visitors to its distillery every year - a figure that exceeds the total visitors to all Scotch whisky distilleries combined. We delve into the details of what makes Taiwanese ...
ON October 4, 2018
On the Hunt for a New Whisky at Gordon & MacPhail
Following the success of projects such as the Arbikie Highland Casks, we have been on the hunt for another one-of-a-kind whisky to add to our range. This search took us, naturally, to Scotland, a country synonymous with whisky, and the home of Gordon & MacPhail, the world-leading malt whisky specialist who have been selecting and bottling Single Malt Whisky for ...
ON October 18, 2016

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