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Noel Verset - A Legend of Cornas
Noel Verset is one of the world’s great wine legends. His staggering 75-year winemaking career was instrumental in putting Cornas on the fine wine map. What is more staggering is that for much of his career his wines remained undiscovered, forced to work two jobs just to make ends meet. Today his wines are some of the most expensive, iconic and collected ...
BY Gavin Smith,
ON March 19, 2020
Bibi Graetz Interview
This week we caught up with Tuscan maverick Bibi Graetz who cheered up our week with a bit of all-out escapism with his new videos capturing the halcyon days of the 2019 harvest on the island of Giglio. We wanted to share it with those of you stuck indoors, dreaming of better days ahead. We asked Bibi his tips on coping ...
BY Gavin Smith,
ON March 26, 2020
Chateau Lafite Rothschild Interview
From one of the most prestigious and world-renowned wine estates, Chateau Lafite Rothschild, we spoke with Technical Director Eric Kohler and Commercial Director Jean-Sebastien Philippe of Domaines Barons de Rothschild about Bordeaux’s continued relevance in an ever-expanding and competitive global fine wine market. We discuss the unique elements that define Chateau Lafite as well as their personal insight into the ...
BY Gavin Smith,
ON March 29, 2020
Xavier Vignon - A Rhone Radical
Xavier Vignon could best be described as a maverick winemaker whose inquisitive mind and extraordinary experiments have taken him on journeys all around the world, working on some of the must cutting edge developments in today’s burgeoning wine scene. Initiated into oenology from a scientific background he has always had the benefit of operating free from the shackles of tradition ...
BY Gavin Smith,
ON April 28, 2020
Argentina's Finest Wines
F+R: You have travelled all over the world visiting vineyards – where have been the most inspirational places you have visited and why? Edgardo del Popolo: I enjoy travelling and meeting people (especially those who do the same as I do) and I like a vast array of places with their particularities. But what I really think makes a difference ...
ON October 18, 2019
Where to Find the Best Value in Fine Wine
Even in the world of fine wines, there are still bargains to be found if one knows exactly where to look. Whether you happen to be searching for value in Burgundy or for top-quality Champagne without the corresponding price tag, here are a few tips to help you get the most for your money without sacrificing premium quality. Look out ...
ON August 20, 2015
Finding the Equilibrium - What determines the world’s finest Champagne?
This week the F+R team got a real insight into the many variables that go into Champagne production. From the maturation process of the still wine and, following second fermentation, the effects of lees ageing, disgorgement, blending and dosage techniques - all in search of the elusive but all important equilibrium which defines the finest quality champagnes. A key defining ...
ON July 20, 2018
2008 Fine Wine Horizontal: Cardinale fronts up to Mouton Rothschild, Vega Sicilia & Sine Qua Non
On a recent visit to London celebrating the upcoming release of the 2015 Cardinale; Barbera Banke and Julia Jackson from Jackson Family Wines wanted to prove that their flagship Napa Valley wine - Cardinale deserves to sit alongside other more established iconic fine wines at a similar price point. It’s no mean feat going up against such historic estates as ...
ON October 11, 2018
Fine Wine Epiphany
FINE+RARE asked eminent experts within the wine trade if they remember the wine moment that changed everything. From accidental finds to unexpected recommendations, these are their fine wine epiphanies...  Do you remember the fine wine that changed everything for you? That eureka moment that catapulted wine to a whole new level? At FINE+RARE we call that a Fine Wine Epiphany. ...
ON February 25, 2016
The Red Grapes of Fine Wine
We look at the red grapes that make up the finest wines in the world. Where are they grown? What’s their unique character? What makes them so special? Cabernet Sauvignon – From the Left-Bank of Bordeaux It Has Conquered the Globe The most noble and aristocratic of the red grapes, its thick skin and rich fruit always mean long-lived ...
ON October 19, 2015
FINE+RARE announced as National Business Award Finalist
FINE+RARE has been shortlisted for the Blackberry Growth Strategy Award at this year’s Orange National Business Awards. Graham Sumeray, CEO, will face a Dragon’s Den-style interview with a panel of judges and the winner will then be revealed at the Awards Dinner inLondon on 13th November 2012. Graham Sumeray, CEO said: “We are revolutionizing a traditional market by providing more than ...
ON August 15, 2012
Château Lafite-Rothschild - Bottled Finesse
Last week we took a look at Mouton-Rothschild; this week we profile its fellow Bordeaux first growth, the iconic Château Lafite-Rothschild, one of the most famous estates in Bordeaux, if not the world. “The quintessential wine of elegance” Château Lafite-Rothschild is characterised by sophistication and finesse. Neal Martin of the Wine Advocate describes it as the “quintessential wine of elegance”, ...
ON October 19, 2015
Fine Wine: Can you define it?
FINE+RARE interviewed wine lovers and wine trade experts, including a couple of Masters of Wine, to answer the age-old question: “What is a fine wine?” Our conclusion might not be quite what you expected… What is a fine wine? Ringo Starr said: “Drumming is my middle name.” He lied. It isn’t. He doesn’t have one. And as most of you ...
ON December 18, 2015
The Rise of Chile's Fine Wine Icons
The first couple of weeks of September see the new vintage releases of Chile’s most famous and highly revered wines: Sena, Chadwick, Almaviva and Clos Apalta. These are wines that consistently receive huge scores from critics and have been on an upward trajectory in quality over the last 10 years. This year, the upcoming release of Clos Apalta was awarded 100 ...
ON September 4, 2018
Decanter’s Great Bordeaux Fine Wine Encounter
Two weeks ago I attended Decanter’s Great Bordeaux Fine Wine Encounter at The Landmark Hotel in London. The tasting featured over 80 of the region’s most prestigious producers, from the most renowned chateaux (such as Angelus, Montrose, Giscours and Beychevelle) to the best petits chateaux. It was here that fine wine enthusiasts were given a rare opportunity to discuss the ...
ON July 5, 2012
Starting A Fine Wine Cellar: 8 Top Tips
In 2014, at a Sotheby’s auction in Hong Kong, the world record was broken for the most expensive lot of wine ever sold. It was a collection of 114 bottles of Romanée-Conti -arguably the world’s most sought-after wine - and the sale totalled HK $12,556,250 (over a million pounds). While not all wine cellars become collector fairy tales like this ...
ON September 25, 2015
How to Buy Fine Wine – 5 Essential Tips
The world of fine wine is a vast and exciting one, but if you’re new to the market the choice can be overwhelming: where to start, what to try and what to buy?  At FINE+RARE, we’ve had 25 years of experience helping clients buy the best in fine wine, so we've learnt a thing or two about what to do (and ...
ON November 18, 2015
What Do Fine Wine Producers Really Drink?
They make some of the world's great fine wine, but what do they choose to drink themselves? What do they pour for their friends? Jessica Bryans asks five top producers to share what's in their glass... *Clockwise from Top Left: Pierre and Sophie Larmandier, Francine Picard, Carlo Ferrini, Giovanni Mazzei, Cesare Bussolo and Denis Varnier* When visiting a great producer I ...
ON November 18, 2015
Fine Wine Glasses - Function versus Aesthetics
Fine wine demands the perfect glass to provide the ultimate sensory experience but the resting place of the final pour has long been neglected. But it’s all change.  FINE+RARE talks to Europe’s leading glass makers from the 250-year old Austrian family-run firm Riedel to the young dynamo behind Grassl, which launched in 2018. We also speak to Master of Wine ...
BY Rebecca Gibb MW,
ON April 29, 2020
Australian Fine Wine: Langton's Classification Tasting
Find out more about our recent tasting of over fifty of Australia's finest and rarest wines... The Tasting On Monday 21 March FINE+RARE held an exclusive tasting of wines from the Langton’s Classification in association with Wine Australia. The event offered a unique opportunity for attendees, as there had not been a tasting of Australian fine wine of this quality ...
ON March 24, 2016
What Fine Wine Producers are Drinking in 2018
Fine wine producers tend to be very inquisitive people - often leaning towards the obsessive in search of that perfection. Their constant desire to capture every possible subtlety or nuance in their wine can often be stoked by tasting something sublime in anothers. Whilst there may still be some winemakers who work on their own projects without a care for ...
ON October 24, 2018
Paired to Perfection: Matching Festive Food + Fine Wine
The excitement is building at F+R HQ over which wines to crack open during the festive period. It’s time to agonise over those extensive menus and work out which bottles will please all of your guests, while at the same time being worthy enough to stand up to all the rich and varied flavours of Christmas. We have put together ...
ON December 14, 2018
Top Wines + Spirits of 2019: FINE+RARE Staff Picks
This year the team at FINE+RARE encountered some astonishing bottles on our quest to source the finest wines and spirits from around the world. We asked our colleagues to highlight some of their favourites from 2019... Corentin Margier – Head of Buying Unicorn Wine/Spirit of the Year (something you are unlikely to taste/ experience again): Clos Vougeot 1937, Maison Leroy The ...
ON December 18, 2019
Beyond Burgundy: Europe's Other Fine Wine Region for Pinot Noir
F+R have sourced a parcel of some of the finest Pinot Noirs coming out of Germany, a diverse region that is today arguably producing the most exciting Pinot Noirs in Europe, outside of Burgundy. Top examples are world class and offer both similarities and important differences to the Cote d’Or. We arranged a tasting of some of the ...
BY Gavin Smith,
ON February 5, 2020
Howard's Folly: The Boutique Producer Leading Portugal's Fine Wine Renaissance
Since 2002, Howard Bilton and David Baverstock, Portugal’s premier winemaker, have partnered to bring to the market a range of outstanding wines under the Howard’s Folly label. Bilton is a businessman hailing from Yorkshire, now living in Hong Kong, an enthusiastic art collector, wine lover and admirer of Portugal’s wines especially from the Alentejo region. Australian-born Baverstock has won the ...
ON February 8, 2019
FINE+RARE at Quintarelli
There is distinct anticipation in the air as the car slips quietly past the colourful patchwork of houses in the village of Negrar. It is 30 degrees outside and still there are goosebumps on my arm as we pull into a long gravel driveway at the top of the hill. Visions of Amarone dance through my head as my final ...
ON August 4, 2015
Champagne at Fine+Rare
In honour of National Champagne Week, Chris Kelly shines the spotlight on everybody's favourite form of liquid celebration.  Drinking Champagne is one of life’s great pleasures – making any occasion feel that little but more special. At FINE + RARE we have access to an unparalleled range of Champagnes across the price points and spanning some glorious vintages.  Read on to find ...
ON October 3, 2015
Earlier this month FINE+RARE sponsored TedXCoventGardenWomen. Read on to find out more… TedXCoventGardenWomen is an independent TED event featuring a day of talks by people “devoted to ideas worth spreading”. The event sought to “celebrate the transformative power of women, girls and anyone who shines a light on different realities.” Women in Wine There is no hiding from the fact ...
ON November 23, 2017
Burgundy Experts at FINE+RARE
Burgundy 2014 En Primeur has arrived: view our unparalleled range here. FINE+RARE predict that the 2014 vintage release will be hard fought over with Decanter Magazine stating that it is "poised to be another roaring success." Burgundy 2014 En Primeur Like any investment, buying wine En Primeur carries an element of risk; the wine has not yet been finished and ...
ON December 21, 2015
The FINE+RARE Barolo Anteprima 2010
Last week we held one of the most exciting tastings we can remember at our offices: the FINE+RARE Barolo Anteprima 2010. Just over 90 wines from Barolo's finest: from the established names to the young blood, all from what is a clearly excellent 2010 vintage. The growers included F+R favourites Brezza, Ceretto, Cogno, Grimaldi and Oberto; the established stars of ...
ON April 1, 2014
FINE+RARE Quarterly Report: 2014 Q1
After a very successful 2013, we came out of the traps in 2014 with our sights set even higher. Herewith the key events and releases so far: 2010 Barolo We’ve been making a bit of noise about this, and rightly so. A brilliant vintage, record sales, an unprecedented tasting of more than ninety wines in our Bermondsey Street offices, and ...
ON April 25, 2014
FINE+RARE Quarterly Report: 2014 Q2
The second quarter of 2013 hardly started with a bang. Bordeaux 2013 was the third vintage in a row to be met by negativity from critics, merchants and customers. Those that have tasted the 2013s will attest to some attractive and easy wines being made, though prices for many were simply incorrect and there was little interest in the vintage. ...
ON July 16, 2014
FINE+RARE: The 2013 Burgundy Report
We visited Burgundy early in November and spent a week extensively tasting the 2013 Burgundy vintage. These wines are just starting to appear on to the market and we will see most of the wines released over the next couple of months. Burgundy is changing. 2013 is the fourth short crop in a row for the Burgundians, and some growers, ...
ON December 1, 2014
FINE+RARE Quarterly Report: 2014 Q3
The Market: The Bordeaux market has been suffering for three years now: talk to any merchant about what is selling well and the last thing that they will say is “Bordeaux”.  Those with an interest in prices have been calling the bottom for some time now, though it has had the air of the boy crying “Wolf!”.  That said, it looks ...
ON October 3, 2014
After three very difficult vintages on the spin, Bordeaux has come up with what is indisputably a good vintage and, in some cases, a very good vintage.  2014 is easily the best vintage since 2010, and probably better than anything between 2005 and 2009.  The wines lack the magic of a truly great vintage like a 2005 or a 2009, ...
ON April 8, 2015
Fine+Rare Whisky Trip to Islay
Rare and Single Malt Whiskies are an increasingly important part of our business here at Fine+Rare, with daily whisky enquiries now commonplace and a base of knowledgeable, dedicated spirits customers growing daily. With this in mind, a fact-finding trip to one of the key regions, Islay, was planned, and our Whisky and Spirits Buyer Garrick Whittaker and Sales Director Jamie ...
ON July 8, 2015
A Year in Photos: 2015 at FINE + RARE
While the most important thing about wine is undoubtedly the taste, any true oenophile will understand the visual allure of a beautiful label, mountain of corks or cavernous cellar. A photojourney through wine: shots from the F+R Archives... In our line of work we're treated to more of these sights than most, and it was with this in mind ...
ON January 7, 2016
FINE+RARE Roundup: W/C 15 February 2016
Welcome to our weekly roundup for week commencing 15 February 2016. Find out what has traded strongly and what to look out for in the coming weeks... What's Been Selling Sales this week have been dominated by 2002 Krug. As a result of huge demand, the market price has risen by over 30% in the three weeks since its release. This, ...
ON February 19, 2016
FINE+RARE Roundup: w/c 22 February 2016
Our weekly roundup tells you what's been traded in week commencing 22 February 2016 and what to keep an eye out for in the coming weeks… What's Been Selling Big Hitters Good availability of interesting Domaine de la Romanée Conti surfaced and were picked off by collectors. Guado al Tasso captured the imagination this week, potentially inspired by the sad ...
ON February 26, 2016
FINE+RARE Roundup: w/c 29 February 2016
Our roundup for week commencing 29 February 2016, telling you what's been selling at FINE+RARE and what to expect in the coming weeks… What's Been Selling Cellars to Sellers A couple of big cellars came online this week from our Private Cellar Management team. These moved quickly with over £100k worth of wine being sold in a single day. Back ...
ON March 4, 2016
FINE+RARE Roundup: w/c 7 March 2016
Our roundup of what's been selling in week commencing 7 March 2016 and what to look out for in the coming weeks… What's Been Selling Rare, Ex-Cellar, Aged Burgundy from Remoissenet This week saw an exquisite offering of very late release red Burgundies in bottles and magnums from deep within Remoissenet's ancient vaults. These wines are both highly rated by ...
ON March 10, 2016
Brunello 2011 Tasting at FINE+RARE
Some of the samples on show at our FINE+RARE Brunello 2011 tasting Brunello di Montalcino 2011 is the follow-up to what some producers are calling the “best Brunello vintage of all time”.  Caught somewhere between the outstanding quality of the 2010 vintage and the soon to be hyped 2012s, the 2011s had the tough task of standing out. Last week, ...
ON March 22, 2016
FINE+RARE to represent UK in European Business Awards
FINE+RARE battled their way through the country-wide competition to be selected as one of 50 National Finalists; they are the only fine wine brokers selected and are representing the drinks trade alongside winery Bodegas Emilio Moro from Spain and Italy’s Fratelli Branca Distillerie. FINE+RARE is a fine wine broker where over 45,000 wines are valued, bought and sold at market rates to trade ...
ON May 29, 2012
Fine+Rare 2013 Six-Month Report
Key Releases and Events 2011 Burgundy: Demand for the 2011s wasn’t quite on a par with that for 2009 & 2010, despite many tasters rating them as superior to the former and only a notch behind the latter. These are “drinkers” wines as opposed to “collectors” wines, which will no doubt disappear from the market as bottles are opened. We were ...
ON July 18, 2013
The FINE+RARE 'Four Decades of Barolo' Dinner
Last week fourteen of FINE+RARE’s customers joined us for a very special dinner at Alyn Williams. The theme: Four Decades of Barolo. We’ve been making as much noise as possible about this region of late, and much of this noise has been focussed on the recently released, and quite brilliant, 2010 vintage.  We thought we’d open a few bottles with some ...
ON April 24, 2014
The FINE+RARE First Growths Tour 2014
The FINE+RARE annual Bordeaux First Growths Tour is always an exciting addition to the calendar. This year saw Sales Director, Jamie Graham and Private Client Sales Manager, Craig Norton, leave a cold, grey London behind to enjoy a whirlwind tour in sunny Bordeaux: the perfect backdrop for what is always a truly memorable, highly decadent trip visiting Bordeaux's finest properties. ...
ON April 16, 2014
FINE+RARE Visits Domaine Leroy + D'Auvenay
Last week F+R was back in Burgundy for our annual visit to Domaine Leroy, making our selection from the new Maison Leroy 2020 Collection, due out in the next few weeks. This year we were also able to taste some of the latest Domaine d’Auvenay releases as well as a rather special bottle of 1926 Auxey Duresses from Maison Leroy. We ...
ON February 14, 2020
Château Cheval Blanc Masterclass at FINE+RARE
The Right Bank First Growth Château Cheval Blanc is an icon of Bordeaux, considered to have created some of the region’s greatest ever wines. Robert Parker has called it “one of the most elegant and noble wines in all of Bordeaux”, and many consider it to enjoy the honorary status of the Right Bank First Growth. However in many ways, there ...
BY Judith Abbott,
ON February 1, 2017
FINE+RARE 2019 Bordeaux Discovery Case
Our 2019 Bordeaux Discovery Collection Case, features top value picks from across the region. While the top Chateaux and their Grand Vins often steal the limelight, there are a plethora of wines that offer staggering value in this mecca for Cabernet and Merlot based wines. Many of these wines are in fact the lesser-known projects from some of the finest viticultural ...
ON July 1, 2020
Five Revolutionary Wines
Rebellion is in the air and FINE+RARE love an innovator, so we take a look at five revolutionary wines… With a history stretching back several millennia, it goes without saying that winemaking is rooted in tradition. Some of the most-loved wines are the result of generations of expertise. However, every now and then a winemaker comes along who rips up ...
ON August 2, 2018

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