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Haunting the present: ghost distilleries
Haunting the present: ghost distilleries
Some of the most collectable and coveted whiskies in the world are those from distilleries that no longer exist. These ghost or lost distilleries hold a unique allure – but as attempts to revive Scotland’s so-called “Holy Trinity” get underway, Holly Motion explores whether it’s really possible to turn back the clock The Scotch whisky world is a fickle beast. ...
BY Holly Motion,
ON March 17, 2022
In high spirits
In high spirits
The spirits market has seen a decade of astounding performance – but what is happening, and what should you be looking to buy? The spirits market is booming. In October 2019, a bottle of 1926 Macallan FINE+RARE 60-Year-Old became the most expensive bottle (of either wine or spirits) ever sold at auction in the world, going for £1.5 million ...
BY Sophie Thorpe,
ON January 21, 2021

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