Reichsrat von Buhl 2015 Dry Rieslings

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We are delighted to offer the dry Rieslings of Reichsrat von Buhl from the “epic vintage” of 2015. Awarding high scores Stephan Reinhardt says, quite emphatically, that: “Wine lovers who are looking for the finest dry Rieslings of the 2015 vintage in Germany shouldn't miss the exceptional wines from Reichsrat von Buhl.”


Earlier the Wine Advocate writer has described Pfalz 2015 as “very, very promising and highlighted von Buhl’s as some of his “personal favourites” from the vintage. But – a note of caution – Reinhardt advises that these are wines for true Riesling aficionados: “Honestly, I was blown away by both the style and quality, but should also add that the 2015s are probably too complex for beginners. You really have to be a Riesling maniac to feel the rhythm of these wines.”


These exceptional dry Rieslings were made by the Alsace-born Mathieu Kauffman, who was according to Jancis Robinson’s blog “poached from Bollinger to be winemaker” at von Buhl. The ex-Champagne chef du cave Kauffman said: “One thing I am absolutely sure of, early harvesting was our key to success… it is already clear that the 2015 vintage is intense with a remarkable strong fruit accent.”


At a recent tasting of 2015 Großes Gewächs (GG – “great growth” or “Grand Cru”) in Berlin that featured Reichsrat von Buhl’s wines, German wine expert and Wine Berserkers contributor Martin Zwick concluded:  “Bottom-line, simply mind-blowing vintage and some of the best-ever produced GGs at the estates.”


Those looking to add these highly rated wines to their collection should not delay, as Stephan Reinhardt warns: “you have to buy the 2015s now, because otherwise you'd risk being too late.”

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