Markus Molitor Graacher Domprobst Kabinett WK 2015

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In December 2016 Wine Advocate’s Stephan Reinhardt ranked this as his Best Value Wine of the Year. Although yet to score it officially, he describes it as “expressive, perfectly ripe, gorgeously lush and stimulating”, and goes on to say: “This is a grand cru par excellence.”


Markus Molitor is a winemaker described by Wine Searcher as being “in the world’s highest league” who “makes, with stunning regularity, wines that are unparalleled.” So much is expected from his 2015s, a year that Jancis Robinson has called wonderful, Wine Advocate has stressed: “you have to buy the 2015s now, because otherwise you’d risk being too late” and others have called the vintage of the century and epic.


The white capsule (WK) is a code employed by Molitor to denote a dry wine. This 10.5% ABV Riesling comes from Domprobst, which is “one of the top sites in Graach”, consisting of steep slate slopes that produce “full-bodied, slatey wines with great character.”


Stephan Reinhardt has previous praised this wine’s good ageing potential, calling it a stunning Kabinett. And this result should not come as a surprise, as the 2013 vintage of this wine was singled out by Reinhardt as definitely a Best Buy of the vintage, demonstrating Markus Molitor’s remarkable consistency.


At this price, this is a wine of remarkable value that is sure to be snapped up by German wine aficionados…

2015 Graacher Domprobst Kabinett Riesling Markus Molitor Best Value Wine of the Year 2016