Discounted Karuizawa Whiskies

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Karuizawa is one of the most sought-after names in whisky. The now-closed Japanese distillery enjoys legendary status among collectors world-wide, and its whiskies are amongst the most desirable on the planet. Since the distillery was closed in 2011, the availability of Karuizawa has continued to decline, with bottles being snapped up by savvy buyers rapidly after appearing on sale. 


We are therefore very pleased to announce that one of our private clients has chosen to put a number of rare bottles from their personal collection on sale, and furthermore to discount them by 10% off the marketprice. Not only are these some of the only examples of these bottles currently available on the market, the discount makes them an even more attractive proposition for any serious whisky collector. 


The selection consists of four different bottlings from the prized Geisha range, two from the Noh range, an exclusive bottling for the Tokyo International Bar Show and an intriguing blend of Karuizawa malt and Kawasaki grain whiskies from the 1970s. With only around 200-300 bottles of each of these produced, these whiskies really are indescribably rare. The available bottles are listed below while stocks last: for more information on each of these whiskies and photographs taken in our cellars, please click on the product name below. 


Prices below reflect the 10% discount off the marketprice, as the whiskies sell out, they will drop off the list.


Karuizawa Distillery

Karuizawa distillery was founded in the mid-1950s on the slopes of an active volcano called Mount Asama in Nagano Prefecture. It was the first Japanese distillery to export in 1959. But unfortunately it was mothballed in 2000 and despite its quality, the then owners Kirin closed it for good around 2010. The casks were then purchased by Number One Drinks Company who now distributes the rare and hugely collectable remaining whiskies.


Karuizawa Distillery Whisky Japanese Ghost Series Geisha Cask