Venissa’s flagship wine, Venissa Bianco, is the result of an incredible restoration project that has seen the indigenous golden grape of Venice - Dorona di Venezia - brought back to life. This follows the discovery of the last 88 vines in existence, ungrafted and uniquely evolved to survive on the salty lagoon islands of Venice. The beautiful, rich, concentrated flavours of the wines are the result of the unique stress placed on the grapes due to the high salt content in these Venetian lagoon vineyards. The results are simply extraordinary.

With such a unique wine, it is hard to make direct comparisons. The satin-like texture is similar to an aged Burgundy. The flavours of mandarin, dried fruit and wild flowers have a premium, white Hermitage-like quality. Whilst the salinity and refreshing minerality give a laser-like tension similar to Ganevat in the Jura.

Fewer than 5,000 bottles are made in each vintage, with little to no global distribution until now. It’s a virtual secret outside of those who visit the island and its luxury resort.

The wines come in bespoke, hand-blown glass bottles from the neighbouring island of Murano, labelled with unique gold leaf designs (different for each vintage) and individually numbered. These wines extol all the artisanal values of the highest quality.

Don’t miss the opportunity to secure this unique offering from a one-of-kind winery.

2014 Venissa Bianco Tenuta Venissa Northern Italy 2014 Venissa Bianco Tenuta Venissa Northern Italy