Cloudburst Collection Case

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American winemaker Will Berliner has taken the wine world by storm. Sweeping the 2013 Margaret River Wine Show with his inaugural 2010 vintage of Cloudburst Cabernet Sauvignon, his boutique winery continues to garner praise from critics and consumers alike. Going beyond traditional winemaking philosophies, Berliner has proven that breaking the rules can yield big results.


As a lifelong passionate botanist, Berliner’s original intention was to grow avocados, not grapes, on his land. When he learned that his half hectare plot possessed the perfect climate for viticulture, he decided to try his hand at winemaking instead. As a self-described industry outsider with no connection to wine, he felt free to adopt a completely individualistic approach, planting and caring for his vines in a way that just happened to be reminiscent of Old World wineries.


Cloudburst’s philosophy is simple: the winery uses a hands-on, chemical-free, cost-intensive approach to make the very best wine possible – in miniscule quantities. They produce in the region of 450 cases per year, the vast majority of which are immediately snapped up on release by some of the world’s top restaurants - from California's The French Laundry to NOMAD in New York.


As the UK's exclusive distributor of Cloudburst, F+R is delighted to be able to offer a Collection Case for the first time. This represents a unique opportunity to taste or collect a selection of the winery's stand-out micro-cuvées. The Cloudburst Collection Case comprises two bottles each of the Cloudburst 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon, 2014 Malbec and 2015 Chardonnay.


With such rarity, quality and sheer 'drinkability' on offer, Cloudburst is the cult wine every connoisseur should have in their collection.