Chateau Gilette Sauternes Creme de Tete Collection Case

Château Gilette is a sweet wine unlike any other in Sauternes, due to its unique ageing process in which the élevage takes a staggering 20 years before it is released onto the market.

Last week, the team at F+R were fortunate enough to taste through a vertical of Château Gilette from 1979 to 1997. We even had the luck to taste the wines alongside Gerhard Kracher, one of the world’s finest sweet wine producers. All of us were amazed by the condition and quality of the wines - Gerhard included.

Château Gilette has been ageing their Sauternes in this way ever since the 1937 vintage; a result of delayed bottling due to the Second World War. On discovering the wine improved dramatically with extensive élevage, the Château has never looked back. The estate believes the long élevage in concrete tanks matures the wines much more evenly than in oak, slowly developing more complex flavours and aromas, until the wine reaches its peak between 20-25 years of ageing.

In addition to this, the strict selection process aimed at producing wines of only the highest quality has seen the Château declassify more vintages than any other in Sauternes producing just 13 vintages in the 30 year period between 1979 and 1999.

Such dedication to producing something extraordinary has unsurprisingly resulted in a loyal following for the wine which is highly praised amongst the leading sommeliers and wine critics of the world.

Despite it regularly outscoring the other more renowned producers in the region, it remains remarkable value for a wine that sits at the very top of sweet wine production - particularly at this level of maturity. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to source a special Collection Case of six vintages coming direct from the Château.

*Available to private clients only. Geographical sales restrictions apply for this product.
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