2015 Anselmo Mendes Alvarinho

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95 points is the highest score awarded to a Portuguese white wine by Wine Advocate to date, making this pair of mould-breaking and perception-challenging wines truly exceptional. Although Mark Squires writes that Anselmo Mendes is one of Vinho Verde’s “biggest names”, these should not be thought of in the traditional sense of Vinho Verde: “Remember that with Anselmo, you're getting real table wines. These have no fizz. They are dry. They are just fresh whites.”


In fact there is much more to them than that; this duo are made by a man who has dedicated himself to the Alvarinho grape and both are aged for around 9 months in oak and are only produced in a quantity of around 3,000-4,000 bottles each. What’s more, they hail from a terrific vintage wherethe upper level is simply superlative.” Awarding them 94-95 points, Squires says: “Maybe that's shocking to you if you are not paying attention to what's happening in Vinho Verde at the high end. This isn't the first time they've gotten great ratings, though. It's a style I love. If you're looking for fat, lush and sweet, of course, that will never be Vinho Verde. It's a cooler style. If you want a crisp edge and freshness, with elegance and perfect balance, then these wines excel—even the bottlings with oak. They will age well, too.” The scores and notes speak for themselves:


Parcela Única Escolha Alvahinho 2015: “This could be that moment in a great winery's life when everything comes together, with a great vintage, a top bottling and great execution… It is just full-bodied and mouth-coating, caressing and sensual in texture. Exceptional on all levels, it shows fine acidity, too, with the freshness of the wine easily cutting through its wood. It is that freshness that elevates this to a different level… This is simply quite brilliant… For a terrific white wine, it's dirt cheap.” - 95 Points


Curtimenta Alvarinho 2015: “Probably my favorite Curtimenta so far, this is most notable for its brilliant integration of oak… The finish here is exceptional, lingering and clean, with grip. This is beautiful, a mixture of elegance and distinction… This may be the best Curtimenta yet.” - 94 points


Strictly for the adventurous, these exceptional wines redefine what most of us think of as Vinho Verde…

Anselmo Mendes Alvarinho DOC Vinho Verde Alvarinho Moncao and Melgaco Portugal Portuguese White