2012 Produttori del Barbaresco

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Direct from the cellars of Produttori del Barbaresco, we have the new release of one of the best value Italian wines on the market; the 2012 Barbaresco, a magnificent wine and an outright steal at £170 a dozen in bond or £197 for 6 mags.  


The Produttori del Barbaresco has long been one of the world’s greatest cooperatives: easily on the same level as many of Piedmont's top estates, it is renowned for producing magnificent traditional Nebbiolos from some very serious sites.


They farm some of the finest vineyards in the region and, if any of these single-vineyard grapes don’t come quite up to scratch in a given vintage, the juice goes directly into the “straight” Barbaresco. This happened in 2012 and, having just tasted it, we can confirm that it’s simply magnificent.


For the money, it’s quite exceptional, and a wonderful Nebbiolo to enjoy on arrival and for the next five years. Highly recommended. 

2012 Produttori del Barbaresco
2012 Barbaresco Barbaresco; Produttori del Northern Italy 2012 Barbaresco Barbaresco; Produttori del Northern Italy