"Hospitality Action was established in 1837 and has since offered vital assistance to all who work, or have worked within hospitality in the UK."

Bloomsbury Atelier CUBANA has established itself as a prominent feature on the spirits lists and shelves of the world's greatest bars, restaurants and hotels - from London to Beaune, Venice to Singapore and Hong Kong.

However due to the current pandemic, many of these institutions and establishments have been closed for over a month already, with little expectation of reopening anytime soon. In light of this, we felt compelled to do something to contribute positively to an industry that all of us at F+R love and respect deeply.

Today we are offering our clients a special one-time price on an allocation of CUBANA, originally destined to be shipped to our hospitality partners across the globe. We'll be honouring our trade price and donating £25 from every bottle sold to the UK charity Hospitality Action.

This charity was set up to support the great people of the hospitality sector to get back on their feet - chefs, sommeliers, waiters and many more, whose lives and livelihoods have been so dramatically impacted by recent events.

N.V. Bloomsbury Atelier Cubana 52.6%

England / United Kingdom
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CUBANA is a wonderfully diverse spirit thanks to its intense aromatics and complex flavours. It is delicious served simply - in a tumbler with a large ice cube and squeeze of fresh lime - or is ideal for experimenting with at home in a host of classic cocktails.

Below are just a few suggestions, including the CUBANA Negroni; simply switch your usual gin for this Caribbean spirit and you’ve got a wonderfully tropical, smoky take on this Italian icon.


60ml Bloomsbury Atelier Cubana; 10ml Maple Syrup; 2 dash Angostura Bitters; Orange Peel


30ml Bloomsbury Atelier Cubana; 30ml Campari; 30ml Rosso Vermouth; Orange Peel


60ml Bloomsbury Atelier Cubana; 30ml Fresh Lime Juice; 5ml Lemongrass Syrup; 100ml Chilled Ginger Beer


60ml Bloomsbury Atelier Cubana; 15ml Fresh Lime Juice; 10ml Sugar Syrup; 15ml Soda Water; Fresh Mint Leaves

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