Andrea Oberto

Azienda Agricola Andrea Oberto is a small, family-run winery located in La Morra, within the Piemonte region. The estate is comprised of over 16 hectares of vineyards which produce 10 wines, mainly from the Nebbiolo grape variety.


The most revered wines of Andrea Oberto are undoubtedly his Barolo collection, which feature famous crus: Brunate, Rocche and Albarella. The winery came from humble beginnings as for most of his life, Andrea Oberto had two jobs: farmer and lorry driver. After long exhausting days of work, Andrea would go to work on the three hectare vineyard property he had inherited from his father, working towards fulfilling his dream to one day create a family-winery. Eventually the three hectare property that sold juice to a local co-op, became the 16 hectare property it is today, producing 100,000 bottles of fine wine per year.


Andrea Oberto’s passion for his land remains the same, he a faithful worker of his vineyards and runs the winery alongside his son, Fabio. Together, they produce some of the finest examples of Barolo in Piemonte, along with Barbera and Dolcetto. The wines are truly fantastic expressions of Nebbiolo, often with softer, upfront fruit and user-friendliness even when young.



2010 Barolo Brunate Oberto; Andrea Northern Italy


2010 Barolo Brunate Northern Italy


2010 Barolo Rocche dell Annunziata Oberto; Andrea Northern Italy


2010 Barolo Rocche dell Annunziata Northern Italy


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