Pascal Marchand

Pascal Marchand is a man with an impressive CV. After learning his trade at highly acclaimed estates Bruno Clair, Comte Armand and Domaine de la Vougeraie, in 2006 Pascal began bottling wines under his own name. He is now beginning to receive excellent critical recognition with Burghound’s Allen Meadows recently declaring himself very favourably impressed following a tasting in Pascal’s cellars.All the grapes are bought on long-term contracts and new oak use is restrained. Pascal favours a long elevage (around 20 months for most wines) allowing the components of the wine to integrate fully and letting the fruit to shine through. Over the last year or so, Pascal has snapped up some choice parcels across the Cote de Nuits as well as the entirety of Domaine Maume. We believe that his will be a name to watch over the next few years.



2013 Chambertin Marchand; Pascal Burgundy


2013 Chambertin Burgundy


2011 Morey St Denis Les Faconnieres Marchand; Pascal Burgundy

2011 Morey St Denis Les Faconnieres Burgundy


2011 Chambertin Marchand; Pascal Burgundy

2011 Chambertin Burgundy


2011 Batard Montrachet Marchand; Pascal Burgundy

2011 Batard Montrachet Burgundy


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