Henri Jouan

What makes most buyers tick is a discovery. Domaine Henri Jouan is just that. And the wines are brilliant.

Henri’s son, Philippe, is in charge here with the assistance of a particularly friendly Labrador. The domaine owns just three hectares of vines and a long-term agreement with Drouhin means that there is only a tiny amount of domaine wine available. As such, these are wines to be bought on sight.

The style here is slightly Drouhin-esque in its delicacy, though with a touch more fruit. The simplicity of the initial pleasure of these wines is under-pinned by genuine complexity and class. Put simply: they are simply delicious, seductive wines. The only catch is the quantity: this is one of the easiest cellars in Burgundy for those obsessed with counting the barrels.



2017 Morey St Denis Jouan; Henri Burgundy

2017 Morey St Denis Burgundy


2016 Clos St Denis Jouan; Henri Burgundy

2016 Clos St Denis Burgundy


2013 Clos St Denis Jouan; Henri Burgundy

2013 Clos St Denis Burgundy


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