Italian Master: Carlo Ferrini 

It was a great honour to spend an afternoon with the man the legend Carlo Ferrini on our recent trip to Brunello. Carlo is a man with some epic credentials. He has been making wines in Italy since 1979 and consults for over 30 producers throughout Italy including Casanova di Neri and Fonterutoli.

He has been a leading figure in improving the quality of Italian wines across the country and was the leading figure behind the Chiant Classico 2000 project which was a breakthrough research project to identify the best clones of Sangiovese. Spent years looking for best spot in Montalcino - Whilst consulting for many wineries around the world over the last 40 years it was not until 2009 that he finally found a place special enough to produce his own Brunello Di Montalcino named after his parents ‘Giovanna and Donatello’- ‘Giodo’. Tiny single vineyard site (3.5 hectares) - The Giodo vineyard is really a special site. After driving off-road down the slopes of Montalcino we find ourselves in a secluded sheltered vineyard spot surrounded by trees on a slope facing south east over the open plains. Neighbouring Lisini vineyards you know you are in good company. Multiple Selection process - Another unique element to the ‘Giodo’ vineyard is legally Carlo can only use a proportion of his grapes from the vineyard as Brunello due to the overall production limit of Brunello DOCG. Therefore only the very best of the production goes into the final blend.



2015 Toscana IGT Giodo Central Italy


2015 Toscana IGT Central Italy


2013 Toscana IGT Giodo Central Italy

2013 Toscana IGT Central Italy


2013 Brunello di Montalcino Giodo Central Italy


2013 Brunello di Montalcino Central Italy


2017 Alberelli di Giodo Giodo Southern Italy & Sicily

2017 Alberelli di Giodo Southern Italy & Sicily


2016 Alberelli di Giodo Giodo Southern Italy & Sicily


2016 Alberelli di Giodo Southern Italy & Sicily


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