Jacques Gagnard-Delagrange

Domaine Blain-Gagnard is what happened when Jean-Marc Blain married Claudine Gagnard, daughter of Jacques Gagnard, two Burgundian stalwarts joining forces. Both Jean Marc and Claudine are fully involved in the domain and the second generation, Marc-Antonin, is also now joining the team. The philosophy, so often seen in Burgundy, is very little intervention, letting the terroir speak. Red wines spend 15 to 17 months in oak, white wines 11 months, but the barrels are very carefully sourced and rarely more than 30% new on grands crus. Parcels are also mixed for added complexity. The result is concentrated wines that are best with bottle ageing and these are rare on the market too.



2012 Chassagne Montrachet Boudriotte Gagnard-Delagrange; Jacques Burgundy

2012 Chassagne Montrachet Boudriotte Burgundy


2006 Batard Montrachet Gagnard-Delagrange; Jacques Burgundy

2006 Batard Montrachet Burgundy


2002 Batard Montrachet Gagnard-Delagrange; Jacques Burgundy

2002 Batard Montrachet Burgundy


1991 Le Montrachet Gagnard-Delagrange; Jacques Burgundy

1991 Le Montrachet Burgundy


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