Rosé Season: F+R's Top Pink Picks


Every year we taste a huge range of this season's rosé releases, whittling down to the wines we believe are the ideal offering for this summer’s drinking. As the rose market becomes ever more populated with more varying styles we have outlined below two top picks that offer two very contrasting styles of rosé. Castello di Ama’s “Purple” Rose manages to marry beautifully the dried floral aromatic traits of sangiovese whilst retaining a rosé-like lightness and refreshing quality. This is a rosé with the acidity and structure to work really well with food. Mathilde Chapoutier’s Provence rosé is as classic as they come with lovely light Provence pink colour and white peach and strawberry flavours. The lightness and silky texture makes it an ideal to be served on its own as the perfect aperitif on a summer’s day.

Castello di Ama Rosé 2017

Castello di Ama Rosé 2017 has to be our top rosé recommendations for those looking for a more serious drinking style and comes from one of very few producers in Tuscany making a rosé aged in barrels. Marco Pallanti’s inspiration was to create a rosé that could last for longer, in terms of taste, colour and structure – with the aim of respecting the flavours of Sangiovese. The barrels help focus and refine the flavours of the wine, enhancing the red fruit bouquet and producing much deeper fragrances as well as giving the wine more longevity.

We often think rosés are at their best the following summer they were made, but this rosé from Castello di Ama is drinking beautifully now at two years old and has plenty of life in it. Made predominantly from Sangiovese grapes (96% of the blend) the juice is significantly darker than what we have become almost programmed to expect with the abundance of popular Provençal-style salmon pink wines on the market. The Sangiovese brings a much deeper rosé colour due to the high level of anthocyanins in the grapes. It also brings an incredible level of freshness - much more so than from Provence varietals - and the aromatic complexity of dried flowers synonymous with Sangiovese is evident in abundance. Along with a fine textural elegance and finesse from the additional ageing in barrel, you have a rosé wine that is actually pretty serious whilst at the same time being totally approachable. Watch out for our magnum release of this wine coming in the next few weeks...

Mathilde Chapoutier Côtes de Provence Grand Ferrage Rosé 2017

More classic in style is our Provençal rosé recommendation from Mathilde Chapoutier. Malthilde is the daughter of Northern Rhône legend Michel Chapoutier and now oversees all of the Chapoutier wines - from their top Hermitage cuvées down to their Roussillon wines in the South of France. The Grand Ferrage Rosé is the top rosé the estate produces and was the first wine in the portfolio to be released exclusively under Mathilde’s name. We have been following this wine for a number of years and it consistently remains our best-selling rosé every year. It is just so classic, with salmon pink floral notes and flavours of white peach and strawberries. The wine is chilled right down and spends only a very short time on its skins before being pressed preserving the freshness and aromatic floral notes.

The new vintage is expected to arrive in the next two weeks. If you missed our offer yesterday please click here and secure your stock for the summer...


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