Bottled History – A Visit from Frapin Cognac


The report from our recent FINE+RARE tasting of Frapin's exquisite and superbly aged cognacs. 

At FINE+RARE, we know that many of the products we sell are special not only because of their quality, but because of the unique stories behind them. This was demonstrated perfectly in September when we were visited by Frapin Cognac and treated to a special in-house tasting of their range.

We were able to sample no less than seven of Frapin’s incredible cognacs and learn the fascinating stories behind these beautiful, elegant bottles.

An ancient history

The Frapin family have been established in the South West of France for nearly 800 years, after first settling in 1270 as wine-growers. They have been working as distillers for twenty generations from the headquarters in Chateau Fontpinot in Segonzac, at the heart of Grande Champagne.

Unique, domaine-grown fruit

Incredibly, their production methods have remained largely unchanged, still involving the flawless precision and meticulous care upon which their reputation has been built. Frapin are unique in that they produce their cognacs solely from grapes grown on their own estate, allowing them to put their own authentic stamp onto each and every bottle.

Incredibly old and of the very highest quality

From the elegant Extra (between 40 and 50 years of age) to the glorious Plume (60+years) and, finally, the utterly exquisite 1888 (at least 127 years of age, with some bottles even older), every single bottle of Frapin’s Cognac is the result of years of expertise and craftsmanship. In fact, the natural evaporation inside the paradis means that, with regards to the oldest bottles, they are made of just 2% of the liquid originally put into the barrel.

Liquid history

With this in mind, we felt honoured to have the chance to sample some of these bottles of liquid history, possibly the finest cognac we have ever tasted. An incredible experience that will not soon be forgotten.

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