The five most read features in 2020


This year saw us publish over 120 articles. From producer interviews and region guides to vintage reports, here are the five pieces that proved most popular

Musar: a year-by-year vintage guide

This summer we delved into the history of Chateau Musar – the iconic winery that has long proven the potential of Lebanese terroir. As well as offering a host of back vintages, we republished extracts from a new book on the producer, including this year-by-year guide to the wines which is the most popular piece we published in 2020.

Burgundy 2019: a vintage like no other

In a year when few have managed to travel, we were lucky to have a small team make it to Burgundy to taste the new vintage – and what a treat in a vintage like 2019. The fascinating year produced extraordinary wines, and our early reports on the 2019 whites and reds featured high in the short-list of the year’s most popular features. You can read our full report on the vintage here.

A visit to Leroy

One of the most fabled names in the world of wine, Leroy needs little introduction. It’s unsurprising that our account of a visit with Lalou Bize-Leroy tasting the latest wines to be released was one of the most popular articles published this year.

La Place de Bordeaux explained

Bordeaux’s distribution network is complex, deemed old-fashioned by some, yet its success has kept it firmly at the top of the fine wine leaderboard. Here we delve into how the system works.

Gaja goes south: Pieve Santa Restituta

Gaja might be best known for their wines from Piedmont, but the producer has been making fine Brunello since 1994 – wines that deserve to be as lauded as their Nebbiolos. Here we look at the history of the Tuscan project and the latest vintage to be released, 2015.

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