Bloomsbury Atelier CUBANA


Introducing Bloomsbury Atelier CUBANA - the first in a series of geographical spirits from the Creative House of the Bloomsbury Distillery. This unique distillery searches for experiences across the globe, combining beautiful flavours and their geographies to create incredible spirits that resist definition.

Distilling the spirit of a journey

This inaugural Bloomsbury Atelier spirit, CUBANA, is number one in a series of enigmatic releases distilled in London. It is an ode to Caribbean fermentation, a distillation of the Cuban cigar, its flavours and key ingredients from those seas and shores. CUBANA distils the spirit of a journey and the power of its findings - its materials.

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The island of Cuba is special for many reasons, but its crops are truly extraordinary. Cuban culture thrives around its native tobacco; it carries a history of its people, past and present, and their culture. In creating CUBANA the flavour that originates in those fermented tobacco leaves of the Cuban cigar became the lighthouse. Each of the accompanying ingredients incorporated are vital to this distillation as they too have undergone a traditional fermentation process: from the cigar tobacco and hi-ester rum, to the fermented limes and cacao nibs.

Handcrafted in the heart of London

CUBANA is extremely limited in availability because of the way each bottle is patiently and painstakingly crafted by hand at Bloomsbury Atelier’s closed-door home in the heart of London. Produced only once a year in a single batch, Bloomsbury Atelier spirits are as rare and unique as you may ever hope to find.

There is no blueprint for making a spirit like CUBANA. Every drop is safeguarded through each delicate stage of the production process - prior to hand bottling, hand labelling and hand engraving with a distinct identification number that marks it as uniquely yours.


Charting a journey through flavour

Bloomsbury Atelier distil their experiences and encounters into formulae that capture the terroir and very soul of the destinations they’ve travelled to. They are perpetually learning and finding new corners of the world to bottle with the same care and exquisite flavours.

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