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Burgundy 2014 En Primeur has arrived: view our unparalleled range here. FINE+RARE predict that the 2014 vintage release will be hard fought over with Decanter Magazine stating that it is "poised to be another roaring success."


Burgundy 2014 En Primeur

Like any investment, buying wine En Primeur carries an element of risk; the wine has not yet been finished and bottled and therefore its future is not completely certain. This means that when shopping En Primeur it is wise to choose a reputable wine merchant with a proven track record and an unbiased/independent standpoint.

Why buy En Primeur through FINE+RARE?

Established in 1994, FINE+RARE provides access to an enormous range of producers, has an unparalleled knowledge of the secondary market and sells with complete impartiality. We are not tied to wineries and therefore are able to recommend the right wine for you from an unparalleled range, rather than being limited to what is in our cellar in the way of most traditional wine merchants. Our expert buyers and account managers have years of experience tasting, securing and selling the world’s finest wines, making FINE+RARE the perfect choice for your En Primeur purchasing. So whether you know exactly what you are looking for or are looking for a steer in the right direction, we’d recommend contacting one our Burgundy experts.

Burgundy Experts

Here at FINE+RARE, all of our Private-Client Account Managers and Customer Service Team are fine wine and Burgundy experts. So whoever your point of contact is, you can be assured a high quality, personal and knowledgeable service. However, for some members of our team, their passion and expertise for Burgundy runs a little deeper. So we thought we’d introduce you to a few of them…

Craig Norton


Office: London

Years i**n the wine trade:** 8

Best Burgundy ever tasted: "Very tough to put one single wine on a pedestal! There have been so many special moments in my career that could challenge for the top spot. One that sticks out in recent memory was a vintage comparison of Roumier’s Amoureuses: 1993 vs 2002. Spectacular, the 2002 was fragrant, polished and fresh, with so much more to give (2002 is an underrated red Burgundy vintage in my eyes), the 1993 was absolutely in the sweet spot – bright, sexy, silky and beautifully poised. Impossible to say which was preferable, but it was an amazing experience."

Why do you love Burgundy? "I loved Burgundy even before completing my WSET Diploma several years ago. My general feeling is that on every wine lovers’ journey, they will eventually end up in Burgundy. Whether that journey takes a few years, a decade, or more is very personal, but eventually, everyone will end up there. The variances, the nuances and the subtleties from vineyards to growers and from vintage to vintage, makes for a continuous, never-ending fascination, that for me symbolises all that is extraordinary about the world’s finest wines. "

Favourite Burgundy region: "I adore Vosne-Romanée, Chambolle-Musigny and top end white Burgundy like Coche-Dury, Roulot and the minerality of Arnaud Ente."

Interests: Football, golf, fine dining, travelling and shoes.

Email: craig.norton@frw.co.uk

Ross Eva


Office: Hong Kong

Years in the wine trade: 10

Best Burgundy ever tasted: "A 1993 Richebourg from Leroy at the HK Jockey Club in June 2014. It still haunts me today. It was an unforgettable experience, like the first time you put your foot down on the accelerator of a sports car – pure class and precision."

Why do you love Burgundy? "Because I'm still learning about it. Burgundy in itself is a microcosm of the journey we all go on when we first realise just how much we love wine and want to learn more – it never ends. It’s something you can never truly aspire to be 100% expert on – there are too many surprises, vagaries and idiosyncrasies for that – but nothing else is really quite the same after you’ve had your ‘Burgundy moment’. And that’s before we’ve even got to all the stories and people behind the wines!"

Favourite Burgundy region: "Vosne-Romanée, what else? It’s a tiny, tiny patch of land, which gets me excited even just talking about it. Allen Meadows calls it the ‘The Pearl of the Côte’ and I really can’t argue with that."

Interests: Music, cinema, travelling around Asia and recently diving.

Email: ross.eva@frw.co.uk

Simon Brass


Office: London

Years i**n the wine trade:** 10

Best Burgundy ever tasted: "Cathiard for great quality through the breadth of their range."

Why do you love Burgundy? *"I love the vast array of domaines and vineyards, and the subtle differences between them. It’s a region where you are constantly learning, no matter how long you’ve been in the trade, Burgundy experts and newbies alike. I came into wine via Rioja and Bordeaux, but I recall drinking Meo Camuzet and being blown away as prior to that I had always considered Burgundy to be light and fruity."*

Favourite Burgundy region: "Vosne-Romanée for the romanticism of the great domaines and vineyards there."

Interests: Hockey, shooting and snowboarding.

Email: simon.brass@frw.co.uk

Simon Brewster

**Office:** London

Years i**n the wine trade:** 6

Best Burgundy ever tasted: "Impossible to say – but the first that springs to mind is a 1969 Mercurey 1er Cru from Henri de Villamont, given to me to open with dinner that evening. It was my first experience of a truly old Burgundy – by no means the finest or most complex, but definitely one of my favourite memories with a bottle of Burgundy."

Why do you love Burgundy? "I lived in Chambolle-Musigny and worked for a negociant there – it’s responsible for my first, and many subsequent wine epiphanies."

Favourite Burgundy region: "Chambolle-Musigny for nostalgic reasons. Vosne-Romanée because  it's undeniably the best in my eyes."

Interests: Skiing, cycling and cooking food to accompany Burgundy wines.

Email: simon.brewster@frw.co.uk

Steve McNeill


Office: London

Years i**n the wine trade:** 6 (but the drinks industry since the age of 18)

Best Burgundy ever tasted: "The older wines of Remoissenet have blown me away on a couple of occasions – a 1959 Richebourg was really in a sweet spot with the most incredibly savoury and smoky finish. An incredible wine. I’ll also never forget the first Comtes Lafon white I tasted – a 2010 Meursault village that has had me addicted to the wines ever since, on the rare opportunity I can taste them!"

Why do you love Burgundy? "As a bit of a wine geek, Burgundy is unrivalled for me. Understanding the myriad of vineyards, terroirs and domaines, and then layering on the individuality of each vintage and being able to explore and taste these wines is a lot of fun. There is no other wine region quite like Burgundy – the ability to thrill and frustrate in equal measure. Getting over to Burgundy and exploring the region has also opened my eyes and improved my understanding of the wines, giving me a much deeper understanding of what makes it so special."

Favourite Burgundy region: "For whites, I love exploring the 1er Crus of Puligny and Chassagne Montrachet – there are some very exciting winemakers working in these areas that can offer outstanding value. For the reds, the wines of Gevrey are my soft spot and the Chambertin Grand Crus especially. The depth and intensity of the best wines is such a unique expression of Pinot Noir."

Interests: Rehearsing or gigging around the UK and Europe with his ska and reggae band.

Email: steve.mcneill@frw.co.uk

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