AndAgain Pop-Up Atelier Arrives at HOME Hong Kong


In celebration of Hong Kong Art Week and the vibrant creative energy that transforms the city throughout March, FINE+RARE is playing host to an exclusive fashion event at HOME Hong Kong, from Friday 29th - Sunday 31st of March 2019. For three days only, NYC based apparel brand andagain will be in residence, showcasing their latest capsule collection of bespoke, sustainably focused designs. Described as “a denim brand everyone will be wearing in 2019” by WhoWhatWear and “a top sustainable denim brand for 2019” by Nylon magazine; denim is where andagain began, but not where they have stopped. Using almost entirely deadstock and recycled materials, andagain create unique unisex designs from materials loved by all, in a vintage inspired fit. We caught up with the designers to see what we can expect from the andagain pop-up atelier...

To book an appointment at the andagain pop-up atelier, please RSVP here.

Tell us a bit about andagain and how you started out as designers? What makes you “intentionally different”?

andagain is an apparel brand that creates unique designs in which we approach our work with the craftsmanship and the process of a fine artist. We aspire to be the go-to brand for luxury, sustainable fashion with high quality, limited edition designs. Beginning in 2017, andagain has grown into a name synonymous with elevated, individualistic fashion.

Can you talk about your creative process and what inspires your work? Can you compare the path of fashion design to that of the production of a fine wine?

Some people feel as though there is only so much innovation possible in fashion, but we do not agree. By looking towards artists and unique areas across the art industry we find our unique point of view. Watching and learning from those who work with paint, hand embroidery or other mediums that require immense attention to detail is what helps us expand our aesthetic and inspires new designs.

In many ways, our design process is similar to the production of fine wine. Just as winemakers consider each and every element of the winemaking process, we have a very similar approach when designing and stitching our garments. Each piece we create starts first with the vision, followed by finding the perfect materials to make it come to fruition. While working with sustainable and recycled materials, we often spend weeks or months sourcing the right fabrics. We focus on perfecting our fit by working and consulting with industry veterans. Once our design and fit are considered, we carefully cut and sew each seam, often including handcrafted details.


andagain promotes conscious consumerism over fast fashion, with Nylon magazine describing you as “a top sustainable denim brand for 2019”– tell us more about this sustainability ethos and why it’s so important to you?

Keeping sustainability and conscious consumerism at the core of our brand has come naturally since we began in 2017. We create all of our designs by hand in New York City, using only recycled or deadstock materials - this means the leftovers from larger production facilities. Sustainability is not simply a buzz word that we like to take advantage of, but rather something we incorporate simply because it is right. We hope to create a new standard for the way brands will operate.

You’ve worked with several artists; collaboration appears to be a key component of your brand and collections. From an artistic point of view, how is the approach different from your own personal work?

Collaborating with artists across industries and cultures is one of the most important aspects of our brand. It is our opinion that without intense collaboration, the creativity of any brand will stagnate and will lack in innovation. Every time we have worked with other creatives it has pushed our designs forward like never before. Allowing another mind to approach our designs is an amazing experience and has taught us so much.

What should guests expect from your upcoming pop-up event at FINE+RARE’s HOME Hong Kong? And from your upcoming collection?

Guests to our pop-up atelier should expect our approach to design and display to relate closely to that of an artist showcasing their work in a prestigious gallery space. Clothing will be displayed as if framed for display with our limited edition capsule collection adding the finishing touch to the event. This will include jackets that pay tribute to viticulture: organic growth such as stems, leaves and flowers. These pieces can also be customised to create bespoke pieces of wearable art.

Have you taken any inspiration from Hong Kong itself?

Designs in this capsule collection were very much inspired by Hong Kong. We focused on creating intricate patchwork, geometric seaming and surface design that mimic the architecture of the city. This is combined with natural, organic shapes just as the lush greenery expands around the city itself.

Finally, are you fine wine or spirits drinkers? What are your favourite tipples and why?

Morgan will typically enjoy a glass of white wine, preferably Sauvignon Blanc, while Greg enjoys a vodka-based Mule.

Availability is limited for this exclusive, three-day event. If you wish to book an appointment, please click to RSVP with your preferred day and time as soon as possible.

andagain pop-up atelier

FINE+RARE HOME Hong Kong, 22/F Asia Pacific Centre, 8 Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong

Friday 29th March to Sunday 31st March 2019, 9.30am - 6.00pm


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