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Despite the quite holiday period and intermittently hot weather, demand for whisky is through the roof at FINE+RARE, in part due to some truly innovative releases…

Around this time last year Bloomberg announced that “A surge in demand for rare whiskies has led to triple-digit returns in recent years.” And with whiskies like these of offer, this demand shows no sign of slowing…

Midleton Dair Ghaelach

Irish oak maturation has pretty much been abandoned over the last hundred years. But Midelton have resurrected it with aplomb. Finished in Irish oak, Midleton Dair Ghaelach was awarded an enormous 97 points by Jim Murray (to put that in context, his highest-ever score is 97.5 points). It scooped up Third Finest Whisky in the World, “Irish Whiskey of the Year” and “Irish Pot Still Whiskey of the Year” in Murray’s Whisky Bible 2016, and he described it as “just too ridiculously beautiful… Truly world class.” Matured in ex-bourbon casks for between 15 and 22 years, before being finished in hogsheads of Irish oak coopered in Jerez, this is truly unique. The Irish oak contains high levels of vanillin and vanillic acid, imparting what Murray calls a “bourbon-style”. It also topped Whisky Advocate’s Annual Irish Whiskey of the Year Award, who called it “utterly delicious: this is accessible and irresistible whiskey” and spoke of a sense of unique “terroir”, before concluding: “This raises the bar for Irish whiskey making, and comes at a fair price for the expertise and craftsmanship deployed at every level.” Click here to find out more or buy Midleton Dair Ghaelach.

Dalmore Quintessence

Only 200 bottles of Dalmore Quintessence were released on the UK market. FINE+RARE received the largest allocation, and at time or writing only five bottles remain. This limited edition single malt was produced to celebrate Dalmore’s Master Distiller Richard Paterson’s (whose legendary nose is insured for £1.5 million by Lloyds of London) 50 years in the Scotch Whisky Industry. It is a unique combination of Scottish tradition and Californian innovation, where wine meets whisky…  After a primary maturation in ex-Bourbon barrels, it has been finished for five years in five different Californian red wine casks hand-selected by Paterson; one Zinfandel, one Pinot Noir, one Syrah, one Merlot and one Cabernet Sauvignon. It is the first-ever whisky to be finished in five red wine casks, each one adding red and black fruit to Dalmore’s hallmark richness. Paterson says that this Highland single malt is “a combination of my two great passions, the Dalmore distillery and exceptional red wine.”  Although its total age is a closely guarded secret, much like which Californian wineries donated the five casks, having tried this in the FINE+RARE office, we can confirm that is aged to perfection. Click here to find out more or buy Dalmore Quintessence.

Arbikie Highland Estate

We are down to the last few remaining of Arbikie Highland Estate’s 300 Founders Casks. If you want to take up the rare opportunity to own one of the first casks produced by a brand new distillery, don’t delay. Each cask - containing estate-made terroir-driven malt that Whisky Magazine have said “could be quite a dram in 2029” - comes with an eight-year-buy-back guarantee and a choice of either Bourbon or Sherry wood. To find out more please read our Arbikie article here.

Japanese Whisky

The rise and rise of Japan’s whisky industry continues. A complete set of Karuizawa Geisha Series sold for HK$1,102,500 at auction last week and Yamazaki Mizunara has been crowned “Fifth Finest Whisky in the World” by Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible 2016, although finishing fifth could almost be seen as a lapse in form from Suntory’s perennially chart-topping distillery. FINE+RARE provides wide-ranging access to rare Japanese whiskies, to find out more about the top distilleries and browse current availability, please visit our Japan Whisky Page.

Whisky Coming Soon

Coming soon we have a new release from The Last Drop Distillers, probably the world’s smallest and most exclusive luxury spirits company. FINE+RARE receive one of the largest allocations of Last Drop’s releases; however these “superstar” whiskies sell out rapidly across the global market.

Also coming soon is an exclusive single cask bottling for FINE+RARE. More details to follow, but suffice to say, it is an exquisite cask, hand-selected for us by the team at Gordon & MacPhail, that will be available nowhere else but right here.

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