How to Buy Fine Wine – 5 Essential Tips


The world of fine wine is a vast and exciting one, but if you’re new to the market the choice can be overwhelming: where to start, what to try and what to buy?  At FINE+RARE, we’ve had 25 years of experience helping clients buy the best in fine wine, so we've learnt a thing or two about what to do (and what not to do) when starting your collection.

Read on for FINE+RARE's essential guide for the budding buyer of fine wine:

1. Ask for help

The wine trade is packed with passionate people who love wine and are only too keen to share their knowledge. Whether it’s in your local wine shop, in a restaurant or via one of our account managers here at FINE+RARE, people are one of the greatest resources you’ll find.

2. Try a more expensive version of something you already like

If you want to expand your fine wine horizons with a step up in quality, choose a better version of what you already enjoy and see if you can spot the differences. If you love Australian Shiraz, go up the quality tree and spend £25 or £30 on a bottle, if you’re wowed by it then keep exploring.

3. Set a budget, use it, and note down what impresses you

Buying and drinking fine wine is a fascinating hobby so it’s well-worth setting yourself a monthly amount to spend and a using it to sample as widely as possible. Make notes of what you like best - region, vintage, grape - and buy more of it, while cutting out the things you don't enjoy.

4. Find a friend (or two)

If you’ve got a friend, or indeed group of friends interested in fine wine then your ability to sample it increases hugely. Arrange a monthly get together and all bring a bottle and instead of just tasting one wine, you’ll get the chance to taste through many more.

5. Use FINE+RARE – it’s why we’re here

We have huge experience in the form of our dedicated account managers with access to an unparalleled range of fine wines. Speak with them and they’ll pick through our vast listings to offer you the best and most rewarding choices: in no time at all you’ll be an armed with some spectacularly good wines and an expert to guide you through them.

Want advice on starting your fine wine collection? Drop us a line at wine@frw.co.uk


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