Earlier this month FINE+RARE sponsored TedXCoventGardenWomen. Read on to find out more…

TedXCoventGardenWomen is an independent TED event featuring a day of talks by people “devoted to ideas worth spreading”. The event sought to “celebrate the transformative power of women, girls and anyone who shines a light on different realities.”

Women in Wine

There is no hiding from the fact that FINE+RARE is a company founded by three men. But the wine trade has changed dramatically since our establishment in 1994; the company now boasts a global workforce that is – at the time of writing – 52% female.

Whether this is a response to women having on average more taste receptors than men and therefore making them more sensitive tasters or more women are becoming inspired to join the industry due to barriers to entry being thankfully lowered, it is hard to say. What we can say with certainty is that if the current trajectory continues the team at FINE+RARE will be dominated by women.

Over the last few months we have seen a number of events and blog posts celebrating women in wine. Although we have been glad to see this, as empowerment and community play a huge part in FINE+RARE’s values, we are wary of separating wine made by women from wine made by men.

As Jancis Robinson notes in her measured article The Wine Glass Ceiling: “Regardless of gender, we all have different preferences and sensitivities in how we perceive different wines, but I don’t see why women would routinely make wines differently from men.” At FINE+RARE wines made by the likes of Lalou Bize-Leroy, Véronique Drouhin, Isabel Ferrando, Virginia Willcock, Vanya Cullen, Florence Cathiard, Mathilde Chapoutier, Anne-Claude Leflaive, Francesca Colombini Cinelli, Laurie Hook, Helen Turley, Maggie Harrison and Juliette Joblot have never been treated any differently, wine has always been bought and sold on the merits of the quality of the product.

FINE+RARE’s Values

The reason that FINE+RARE chose to sponsor TedXCoventGardenWomen was that TedX’s philosophy of propagating “ideas worth spreading” on a global level fits perfect with our own values:

Pioneering Spirit: Continually breaking boundaries and questioning convention to stay at the cutting edge.

Empowerment: Creating a community with freedom to own, contribute and challenge.

Knowledge: Developing talent and expertise while sharing our passion for product, market insight and service.

Trust: Earning confidence in each other and our partners through reliability, accountability and integrity.

FINE+RARE burst into the crowded fine wine market with passion, plenty of pioneering spirit and a fresh perspective. We are now one of the most successful global traders, servicing clients in over 230 countries worldwide with access to more than 70,000 product lines. We believe that ideas are indeed worth spreading and support those who think the same.

Each speaker at TedXCoventGardenWomen received a bottle of the 2015 Leroy Bourgogne Rouge made by the iconic “Queen of Burgundy” Lalou Bize-Leroy.


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