Daniel Defaix

Domaine Daniel-Etienne Defaix believe that fine wine is worth waiting for so tends to release his wines over 5 years later than his peers. For example, as most Chablis domaines release their 2010s, Defaix is only now offering their 2002 Chablis 1er Crus. The domaine is one of the finest and most ancient estates in Chablis with a fascinating history which traces all the way back to Roman times. The Roman road through Chablis is the only one known to deviate from its traditional straight line, in this case to go around Defaix’s Les Lys vineyard suggesting it existed during the Roman Empire. The modern era for Les Lys began 1000 years ago when the monks of Pontigny discovered that its stony Kimmeridgean soil was perfect for growing Chardonnay and made Les Lys the original Chablis vineyard. The Defaix family took over the domaine 250 years ago, which includes three 1er Crus: Les Lys, Vaillon (the original Vaillons vineyard) and Côte de Léchet.Winemaker and owner Daniel-Etienne Defaix is passionate about using traditional methods which express the terroir and ancient vines. He is firmly in the “unoaked Chablis”, camp preferring to leave the wines on the lees in stainless steel tanks for up to 18 months, stirring the lees until they die. This method intensifies aromas and fresh fruit flavours, whilst giving the wines terrific ageing potential.



2017 Chablis Cotes de Lechet Defaix; Daniel Burgundy

2017 Chablis Cotes de Lechet Burgundy


2003 Chablis Vaillons Defaix; Daniel Burgundy

2003 Chablis Vaillons Burgundy


2003 Chablis Cote de Lechet Defaix; Daniel Burgundy

2003 Chablis Cote de Lechet Burgundy


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