Cloudburst: The Importance

Cloudburst is taking the world by storm. The boutique winery in the Margaret River sent ripples throughout the industry in 2010 when its first ever vintage debuted to huge scores and a price tag of the type more often associated with top level Bordeaux. Since then, Cloudburst has become one of Australia’s top cult wines, scooping up handfuls of prizes with every new vintage. In November 2016, the Wine Advocate wrote: “Cloudburst's new little piece of heaven, a closely planted, dry-grown, biodynamically farmed vineyard just off the Cave's Road, continues to yield stunning results.”


Cloudburst’s philosophy is simple. The winery uses a hands-on, cost-intensive approach to make the very best wine possible – in tiny quantities. In the words of founder and winemaker Will Berliner, Cloudburst makes: “a little bit of something extraordinary”. As a result, their wines are incredibly rare, with an average of just 450 cases produced a year, the vast majority of which are snapped up on release by some of the world’s top restaurants – California’s The French Laundry and New York’s Tribeca Grill to name just two.


With this in mind, we are very pleased to have a personal relationship with Cloudburst and to have had the honour of being the very first merchant to offer their wines in the UK.


Cloudburst: The Insight

There are three Cloudburst wines: the Chardonnay, a Malbec and a Cabernet Sauvignon – usually also containing a tiny proportion of Malbec. The first vintage was 2010, which debuted to hugely impressive scores from Robert Parker: 93+ for the Chardonnay and 92+ points for the Cabernet. Meanwhile, the awards have continued to come in: Cloudburst won Gold and Silver in the Pacific Rim Wine Competition 2013 and Best Red Wine of the Show at The Margaret River Wine Show 2013.


Berliner operates an emphatic “no-chemicals” policy and grapes are naturally fermented. Everything is harvested by hand, and Berliner is passionate about the importance of human-vine contact. This clearly works: in the words of Wine Spectator: “The results, since his first vintage, have been spectacular”.


Cloudburst: The Background

Cloudburst began when American businessman Will Berliner immigrated to the Margaret River with his Australian wife and their children. As a lifelong passionate botanist, Berliner’s original intention was to grow avocados, not grapes, on his land. When he learned that his small 250 acre patch of land possessed a perfect climate for viticulture, he decided to try his hand at making wine. As a self-described industry outsider with no connection to wine, Berliner felt free to adopt a completely individual approach, planting and caring for his vines in a way reminiscent of tiny, Old World wineries.


Will Berliner first visited the FINE+RARE offices in September 2016, when we had a chance to taste through the Cloudburst range, including some of the older vintages. They are stunning wines and their worldwide reputation is very much deserved.



2014 Cloudburst Chardonnay Cloudburst Western Australia


2014 Cloudburst Chardonnay Western Australia


2013 Cloudburst Malbec Cloudburst Western Australia


2013 Cloudburst Malbec Western Australia

Duty Paid £84.00

2013 Cloudburst Chardonnay Cloudburst Western Australia


2013 Cloudburst Chardonnay Western Australia


2013 Cloudburst Cabernet Sauvignon Cloudburst Western Australia


2013 Cloudburst Cabernet Sauvignon Western Australia


2012 Cloudburst Chardonnay Cloudburst Western Australia


2012 Cloudburst Chardonnay Western Australia


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