En Primeur, also known as ‘wine futures’, is the well-established practice of buying wine that has not yet been bottled. It originated in Bordeaux, but is becoming increasingly important in Burgundy and the Rhône, as well as the US and beyond.

Whether you are new to En Primeur or a seasoned buyer, here is all you need to know.


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With growing global demand, buying Burgundy en-primeur has never been more relevant. Click here for latest releases, vintage reports and critic reviews.


En Primeur, also known as ‘wine futures’, is the well-established practice of buying wine that has not yet been bottled.


The benefits are threefold. Firstly you secure the wine at the winery while still in barrel. This not only gives you confidence in the provenance, but also assures you an allocation of fine wines that are in high demand and are produced in relatively small volumes. Secondly, En Primeur often gives you the luxury of ordering the format/size in which you want the wine to be bottled. And finally, although not guaranteed, En Primeur usually guarantees you access to wines at a reduced price, as historically the price of these fine wines generally increases considerably as they mature.


En Primeur is usually associated with the great wines of Bordeaux. However, it’s becoming increasingly important and competitive in Burgundy and the Rhône, as well as the USA and beyond. And although not strictly En Primeur, FINE+RARE has also provided its customers the opportunity to invest in Brunello di Montalcino, while it is still undergoing its required maturation in bottle, and to order casks of whisky at Arbikie Highland Estate prior to them being filled. So watch this space for more wine or spirits futures.


Buying wine En Primeur is an investment in the future of that wine and carries an inherent risk as it has not yet been finished and bottled. So it is wise to choose a reputable wine merchant with a proven track record and an unbiased standpoint. Established in 1994, FINE+RARE provides access to an unrivalled range of producers, has an unparalleled knowledge of the secondary market and sells with complete impartiality. Our expert buyers and account managers have years of experience tasting, securing and selling the world’s finest wines, making FINE+RARE the perfect choice for your En Primeur purchasing.


En Primeur prices are quoted ‘in bond’, i.e. without duty or VAT, but do include transport to our world-class bonded storage facility at London City Bond in Tilbury. Collection of your wines is arranged once they have been bottled and released by the producers. Lead times for bottling can vary between 6-24 months, or sometimes even longer depending on the wine. On arrival your wines are landed into your own bonded storage account (click here to find out more about FINE+RARE's storage services), or delivered to your instructions at current rates. We highly recommend storage in our fully insured, climate controlled and secure bonded facility, where your wines can mature quietly and undisturbed until they reach their drinking window, or from where they can be sold at the click of a mouse. Please note that delivery to UK and EU addresses attract duty and VAT, which can only be invoiced at the time of delivery.