Yves Boyer-Martenot

Vincent is the fourth generation of the family to take over family estate, and son of Yves - who inherited the domain – and Marie-Cecile – from a Meursault winemaking family. Currently Domain Boyer-Martenot is made up of 10 hectares of vineyard across Meursault, Puligny-Montrachet, Auxey-Duresses and Pommard. The estate grew between 1997 and 2007 with the purchase of “Les Tillets” (Meursualt), 1er Cru “Les Perrières” and 1er Cru “le Cailleret” (Puligny-Montrachet). Traditional methods which verge on organic in the vineyard - yield management, green harvest, hand picking – go with technological innovations in the vat room such as pneumatic presses and thermoregulation to control fermentation temperatures. Wine spends around 12 months in cask, whilst lees are stirried, and then racked – and fined – for bottling. If necessary they will be racked and filtered again after settling.



2011 Bourgogne Blanc Boyer-Martenot; Yves Burgundy

2011 Bourgogne Blanc Burgundy


2002 Meursault Boyer-Martenot; Yves Burgundy

2002 Meursault Burgundy

Duty Paid £23.00

2000 Meursault Boyer-Martenot; Yves Burgundy

2000 Meursault Burgundy


2015 Meursault Les Perrieres Boyer-Martenot; Yves Burgundy


2015 Meursault Les Perrieres Burgundy


2014 Meursault Les Perrieres Boyer-Martenot; Yves Burgundy

2014 Meursault Les Perrieres Burgundy


2015 Meursault en l'Ormeau Boyer-Martenot; Yves Burgundy

2015 Meursault en l'Ormeau Burgundy


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