Ata Rangi

As one of New Zealand's leading red wine producers, Ata Rangi, along with Felton Road, was crowned as one of only two “Kiwi Grand Crus” at New Zealand’s 2010 Pinot Noir conference. Located in Martinborough on the North Island, their vineyards are planted on free draining shingle terraces and benefit from the fact that Martinborough receives less rainfall than any other region in the North Island.Clive Paton and Helen Masters, the winemakers behind Ata Rangi, are known for coaxing the difficult Pinot Noir into yielding fantastic results, but Wine Advocate's Neal Martin calls their entire range superlative." In fact, he remarks that when he "asked winemakers to name New Zealand's greatest producers, one name kept coming up: Ata Rangi.



2008 Ata Rangi Pinot Noir Crimson Ata Rangi

2008 Ata Rangi Pinot Noir Crimson


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